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Hearts Beat as One Works to Help Homeless in Charlotte

LGBTQ-led organization organizes quickly for ‘Tent City’

On Tuesday, Feb. 16, Gibbie Harris, director of the Mecklenburg County Health Department, issued an order of abatement of imminent hazard for the North End Encampment at and around North Tryon and North 12th Sts. and for the area near Uptown Charlotte to be cleared by 5 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 19, citing a rat infestation. Hearts Beat as One (HB1), known for its community work in and around the LGBTQ community immediately stepped into action.

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Black, Queer and in the Pulpit

Black LGBTQ Clergy Offer Support to Community at a Tough Time

In the midst of battling systemic racism in our communities, criminal justice reform and LGBTQ alliance building, a pandemic rages on — one that disproportionately affects the Black community and LGBTQ people.

Swimming in a Sea of Whitenesss Makes It Hard to Breathe

A Perspective on Black History Month

Being Black in America, a nation that rose to its meteoric heights by stealing Black bodies from Africa and around the world for free labor, is like having the oxygen needed for strong life diminished.

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The Matter of Black Lives

Health & Wellness: There is not Parity for Health and Wellness for Black People

I would like to discuss two specific medical issues that have an especially detrimental effect on Black people in this country. Those being hypertension and diabetes.

Out of the Closet and into the Cabinet

Pete Buttigieg: Our First Openly Gay Secretary of Transportation

South Bend, Ind.’s Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg became the United States’ first openly gay cabinet member. Appointed by President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., many Americans see Buttigieg’s appointment as a positive step on the road to a more progressive and inclusive America.

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How a Hacker of Capitol Videos Increased Visibility of NB Community

How a Hacker of Capitol Videos Increased Visibility of NB Community

Before the social media platform Parler went offline following the deadly mob attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, a hacker downloaded tons of content. That content, including video and GPS metadata that showed the exact location of where posts were made, was used extensively in last week’s impeachment hearing against former-President Donald Trump.

Letters to the Editor…


Protection against discrimination for all LGBTQ+ Americans became inevitable when Democrats took control of both the White House and both houses of Congress.

New Year, New Administration

Legal Eagles: LGBTQ Issues on the Rise

As we rounded the corner into the new year, many of us were hopeful that 2021 would bring about some sort of relief from the chaos and hardship caused by the infamous 2020. Unfortunately for the LGBTQ community, however, the feeling of optimism was short-lived, as not even two weeks into the new year, LGBTQ protections were erased with a simple stroke of a pen.



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