Forsyth County GOP chair: Gays not deserving of ‘same rights and privileges’

Gays sending 'subliminal messages,' failed state, congressional candidate says

by Matt Comer  Editor
Published: May 24, 2011 in News

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — In an guest commentary published today, the chairman of the Forsyth County Republican Party implies that LGBT people are not deserving of the same rights and privileges of heterosexual people.

Nathan Tabor writes that LGBT advocates’ push for equality “invokes the notion that we are all the same and as such we should all enjoy the same rights and privileges.”

The commentary zeroed in on efforts to amend the state constitution to ban recognition of marriage and other relationships among same-sex couples. Two bills are being considered by the Senate and House and could be taken up this session. If approved by the legislature, an amendment would appear on the 2012 ballot.

An excerpt from Tabor’s commentary is reprinted below. To read the full piece, visit the Winston-Salem Journal.

Gay marriage, homosexual marriage, lesbian marriage and other descriptions are thrown to the wayside in favor of the more politically-correct same-sex marriage. The craftiness of the political left is to be admired, although opposed. The proponents of gay marriage were able to change the language being used to describe a behavior that many find to be outside the mainstream of American society.

After all, the gay and lesbian communities were able to use the words “same” and “marriage” in their definition of homosexual marriage, thereby projecting the subliminal message that gay marriage is the same as heterosexual marriage. It invokes the notion that we are all the same and as such we should all enjoy the same rights and privileges.