VIDEO: Charlotte’s HRC gala featured in year-end recap

by Matt Comer  Editor
Published: December 12, 2012 in Blog

Charlotte’s Human Rights Campaign North Carolina Gala, held at the Charlotte Convention Center in February, was featured in a year-end “Best of 2012 HRC Galas” video released by the national LGBT advocacy group.

Openly gay CNN anchor Don Lemon, who spoke at the Charlotte event, was featured briefly, as was his partner.

Though, on a sad note for locals, the Charlotte dinner was the only one not identified by the city in which it occurred. Other events were noted as occurring in “Los Angeles, CA,” or “Columbus, OH,” or “Boston, MA,” or “National Dinner, DC.” Charlotte, NC? Nope. Just a plain “North Carolina.” Locals in the Queen City love their home state, but we’re just as proud as our hometown. Why no love, HRC? ;)

Watch the video below: