VIDEO: Charlotte guy sings Cam Newton praise (plus awesome Queen City scenes)

by Matt Comer  Editor
Published: December 12, 2012 in Blog

Owen Stuart, courtesy

Charlotte guy. Rapping. About his love of Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. Set against the backdrop of beautiful shots of the Bank of America Stadium and Uptown.

Really, what more could one ask for?

Got to give him credit for standing by his man, even if his man’s team hasn’t been doing all that well in recent seasons.

The singer is 17-year-old Charlottean Owen Stuart, a senior at Northwest School of the Arts who auditioned this year for “X Factor.” He was later teamed up with other solo auditioners who formed the “X Factor” boyband, Playback.

Stuart’s video for his song, “Cam Newton,” is below, along with some videos from the boyband.