Open lesbian Ketner taking another look at House run

by Matt Comer  Editor
Published: January 7, 2010 in Blog

Charleston, S.C.’s Linda Ketner is taking another look at a U.S. House run after incumbent Republican Rep. Henry Brown announced he’d retire at the end of the term.

From The Hill:

In an interview with The Hill, Ketner said Brown’s pending departure has created a “new environment” and she’s going to make a decision “within the next week” about whether to enter the race.

In 2008, Ketner gave the five-term congressman the closest race of his career and came within 14,000 votes of unseating Brown in a conservative-leaning district. She initially said she wouldn’t run again in 2010, but his retirement has her reconsidering.

According to report, Democrats are hoping they might be able to pick up the seat. The Hill also reports on the crowded Republican primary in the race. Check out their report…