D’Annunzio not a favorite of NC GOP

by Tyler DeVere    
Published: May 26, 2010 in Blog

Tim D’Annunzio received the most votes in the Republican primary for North Carolina’s 8th district, and now continues to the runoff election. Since then, North Carolina GOP chairman Tom Fetzer has said that D’Annunzio is “unfit to hold public office at any level.” Fetzer went so far as to say that if D’Annunzio were elected, “for crying out loud, it would be a disaster” for the GOP as well as for the country. As a result, D’Annunzio is now calling for Fetzer’s resignation.

In court papers from a child-custody battle, D’Annunzio is said to be a “self-described religious zealot” who believes he found the Ark of the Covenant, an artifact said to contain the original Ten Commandments stone tablets, according to Judeo-Christian tradition. According to papers, he’s claimed that the U.S. government is the Antichrist, of which he is now running to become a part.

The Charlotte Observer reports that the 52-year-old millionaire has struggled with drugs and crime in his past. D’Annunzio has called the report “lies and accusations” but declined to discuss the specifics.

D’Annunzio opposes repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ on the grounds that it would “turn our military bases into social experiments.”