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August 9, 2008 – QNotes

When Batman was gay

In the ’50s, Batman was condemned for promoting homosexuality

Everyone is pretty whipped up about the release of “The Dark Knight,” which shattered the record for largest first-weekend box-office haul in its debut. Unlike previous champ “Spiderman 3,” “The Dark Knight” is actually a very entertaining film.

Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise is darker, more serious, and consequently more frightening. It also captures the psychological complexity of the titular character in a way that the more stylized vision of Tim Burton — not to mention the dreck produced by Joel Schumacher — never could.

Nolan’s vision is inspired by the Golden Age Batman, who was a different breed altogether. Batman of the early 1940s, for example, shot people, tossed them off rooftops and had few reservations about killing criminals. He menaced murderers, gangsters and thugs, not overgrown graffiti artists.

DJ leaves life estate to partner, Gay Iraqis face continued threats

Global News Notes

DJ leaves estate to life partner LONDON, England — A radio DJ who died after a night of drug use on Dec. 29, 2007, has left more than £515,575 to his life partner, according to The 1991 will of Keven Greening (pictured) stipulates that Andrew Lowe be the principal beneficiary of the estate. A …

HIV travel ban repealed, GSA wins in court

National News Notes

HIV travel ban law repealed WASHINGTON, D.C. — On July 30, President Bush signed into law the Tom Lantos & Henry J. Hyde U.S. Global Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Reauthorization Act of 2008, a presidential initiative to combat the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. The measure included a provision ending the government’s 21-year ban on …

Open interaction is the key to change

Editor's Note

Almost every Thursday a group of co-workers and I steal away from the office for about an hour or so. We head over to one of our local diners and feast on their scrumptious chicken pot pies. We’ll sit and chat while we eat, taking time to catch up on the last week. The diner …

State officials’ emails released in ‘So Gay’ ad flap

Director, others scrambled to fix situation

COLUMBIA – In response to Freedom of Information Act requests, the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism (SCPRT) released during the last week of July several emails pertaining to the “South Carolina is so gay” ad controversy. The emails show that top-level SCPRT officials might have known about the ad campaign as early …

Film Fest Sneak Peek

N.C. Festival gears up with slate of 66 state premieres

The 13th annual North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival will kick off at Durham’s Carolina Theatre Aug. 14. For four days, North Carolinians will be treated to a slew of prized LGBT-themed films. Sixty-six out of the full slate of 68 LGBT movies, some of them short and some of them feature-length, are North Carolina premieres.

Local bar sued, Imani opens membership class

North Carolina News Notes

Charlotte   Local bar sued CHARLOTTE — The Garden & Gun Club, which is scheduled to open this summer in the NC Music Factory complex, has been served with a lawsuit, alleging trademark infringement. According to The Charlotte Observer, the dance club’s owners TwoDalGals received notice that a Charleston, S.C.-based lifestyle magazine filed a suit …

Mass Appeal

Triad Equality Alliance hopes to keep these billboards up for Greensboro, N.C. motorists for a total of four months. Q-Notes’ editor, Matt Comer, a native of the Triad area, appears in one billboard for the organization. GREENSBORO — For the past few years, the Triad Equality Alliance has raised funds to place LGBT-friendly messages on …

Top down: Budget convertibles

Cruise in the breeze for less than you think

You might assume that convertibles will chomp a huge chunk from your wallet, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a handful of snappy, great-looking and entertaining convertibles you can buy for less than $30,000. Even better, most of them will get more than 20 miles per gallon on the highway, making that long-distance cruise even more affordable.

Bullying bill dies with session’s end

Anti-gay marriage amendment defeated for fifth year

RALEIGH — Every other year the N.C. General Assembly holds a short session. This limited legislative session is held to debate and approve the state’s biennial budget, local bills and other important matters. EqualityNC (ENC), the statewide LGBT advocacy organization, spent the entire session, which ended July 18, working on a few key pieces of …