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September 6, 2008 – QNotes

Always forgive, never compromise

Jay Bakker talks about his ministry, LGBT inclusion and his parents’ impact on his life

I don’t think I’ve interviewed a more laidback person than Jay Bakker. Sitting at my desk, safe from the sweltering humidity of what had to be one of the hottest days all summer, I dialed Bakker’s cell phone number at our scheduled time to chat.

“Hi, Jay Bakker?” I inquired.

“Yes,” the voice on the other end replied.

“I’m Matt Comer, with Q-Notes in Charlotte. Is this a good time?”

“Well…I need to finish up some laundry. Can I call you back in about 15 minutes,” Bakker asked with a slight laugh.

Where is Q-Notes?

Editor's Note

Recently, an email landed in my inbox asking a very simple question: “The mainstream media is there. Where is Q-Notes?” The reader had a concern that we hadn’t covered what he thought was important news out of the Raleigh area. I could understand his frustration not seeing a big gay news story in the big …

Waltzing to the tune of a different song

Gerald Gurss takes One Voice helm in time for upcoming season

From Southern Baptist church boy to Queen City queer chorus director, Gerald Gurss’ life has been a continuous journey of vibrancy, innovation, energy and passion. This fall, Gurss takes the helm of the city’s One Voice Chorus, an LGBT-affirming ensemble of men and women of all ages. Gurss, 30, recently moved to Charlotte from Emporia, …

Performance artist and activist … fights HIV discrimination

Matthew Cusick filed a suit that has helped to provide people with HIV/AIDS more job security.

Matthew Cusick is a professional performance artist. To call him an aerialist is an oversimplification. Although he is a highly accomplished gymnast who was once invited to be on a competition-level team in Washington, D.C., he has many physical skills and strengths that go beyond the solo work practiced in gymnastics. He is also more …

HIV Disclosure & Prevention: Stop legislating, start listening

Guest Commentary

“You have HIV” are the most difficult words I have ever had to hear. At only 26 years old in 1999, “How long do I have left?” was the first question to come out of my mouth when our doctor told me and my 19-year-old boyfriend my test had come back positive. Everything I thought …

South Carolina drags it out

RuPaul will headline SC Pride Sept. 20

On a recent trip to Washington, D.C., my friend pried me out of his apartment the evening I stepped off the long train ride through Carolina and Virginia to attend a “Project Runway” party put on with fabulous D.C. gay style. The great RuPaul sat as a judge as designers fought the clock — and …

2 be, or not 2 be

Steve Coogan plays it straight (kinda) in the Outfest Award-winning ‘Hamlet 2’

With the queer premise of an offbeat high school drama teacher putting on a controversial musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy featuring song titles like “Rock Me Sexy Jesus” and “Gay as the Day is Long,” is it any wonder why “Hamlet 2” earned the Audience Award at July’s Outfest Film Festival in Los Angeles? …

talkback — Take a chance

Letters to the editor and comments from Q-Notes Online. Web comments are not edited for grammar or punctuation. Take a chance As humans we have a propensity to place constraints on ourselves by saying, “I can’t.” At one time I had the same view as Wayne Besen (“ManHunt: The law of supply and demand,” Aug. …

Raleigh man pleads guilty to HIV health law violation

Gay DJ at clubs in Raleigh, Wilmington accused of willfully exposing others

RALEIGH — A gay, 23-year-old man received a suspended 45-day jail sentence, 30 months of probation and a $300 fine, plus court costs, after pleading guilty Aug. 22 to charges stemming from violations of North Carolina’s public health laws relating to the spread of HIV. Joshua Waldon Weaver, a DJ at clubs in Raleigh and …