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October 4, 2008 – QNotes

Down to the wire

LGBT voters must make their election decisions as November quickly approaches

With less than a month to go before the Nov. 4 general election, voters across America are making their final choices on which boxes they’ll check when they head into the polls.

A plethora of issues are on the minds of Americans: the mortgage crisis and ensuing economic turmoil, terrorism and national security, foreign policy, the continuing HIV/AIDS epidemic, healthcare reform, Social Security, climate change, the continuing military conflict and occupation in Iraq, immigration, civil liberties and civil rights.

South Carolina’s on the right track

Editor's Note

South Carolina. The land of the Dixiecrats. Strom Thurmond and the Confederate Flag. The KKK and a “House of Homophobia.” And in the middle sits a blue oasis in a desert of red: The City of Columbia. The 2008 SC Pride Festival and Parade in the Palmetto State’s capital city went off without a hitch. …

Study: Trans veterans face pervasive bias

N.C. activist lauded for her role in launching landmark survey

The idealized view of the U.S. military is ubiquitous in America. Movies, television, books and ad campaigns promote the archetypal image of the valiant band of brothers of differing colors, ethnicities and faiths fighting arm-in-arm to defeat the nation’s sworn enemies. However, for gay, lesbian and bisexual service members serving under the heavy, isolating burden …

Wasting no time

Author Armistead Maupin opens up about his conservative Carolina youth, life as a writer and his newest novel

Armistead Maupin is among the brightest and most widely known gay writers in American literature. For most of his youth and young adulthood, Maupin lived and worked in the Carolinas. Under the roof of a conservative, Christian family, Maupin grew up in Raleigh under the shadow and tutelage of arch-conservative journalist and TV commentator Jesse …

talkback – HIV violations, AIDS prayer ‘healing,’ Log Cabin

Letters to the editor and comments from Q-Notes Online. Web comments are not edited for grammar or punctuation. HIV violations I know several transexual’s in the Raleigh area that have been doing the same thing . one I know was on her death bed and refused to give names .. she pop’ed back and to …

Myth-busters: Election rumor false, officials say

RALEIGH — True or false: If you wear a T-shirt, button, hat or any other piece of clothing or accessory that contains political campaign paraphernalia, you’ll be prohibited from entering a polling place and voting. Completely and utterly false. The organizers of Democracy North Carolina, a non-profit organization advocating for increased voter participation and education, …

Asheville festival finds a home

Event organizers faced scrutiny over original loss

ASHEVILLE — After losing the original location for their Asheville PrideFest, organizers have announced they’ve found a new home for the annual event. This year’s Asheville PrideFest is still slated to take place Oct. 11, Noon to 6 p.m. The event will now be held at Grove House (Scandals Nightclub), at 11 Grove St. As …

Ignoring the crisis at home?

Guest Commentary

As an LGBT activist and advocate, I believe it is projects like Mitchell Gold’s new book, “Crisis,” that must be produced to put real faces and real stories to the trauma faced by our community (“Documenting the crisis,” Sept. 20). I commend Mitchell Gold for being instrumental in putting together this project. However, our local …

Graphic sex

Illustrator Amy Colburn is drawn to hot guys getting off

This interview was sparked by a press release that landed in my email inbox promoting the forthcoming release of “Manly,” a graphic-sex graphic novel. The release said the book featured “manly stories about manly men doing manly things to each other.” Don’t they all, I thought, unable to muster much enthusiasm. Hey, don’t get the …

Autumnal readings: A Fall queer reading list for 2008

Look at the calendar. It’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are getting chillier and you’re probably thinking of ways to make good use of all that time you’ll be spending indoors. Or, maybe you’re in the mood to get some holiday shopping out of the way. If you’re …