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October 16, 2010 – QNotes

Possible hate crime investigated at East Carolina

Eighteen-year-old arrested in campus assault on two women

Police have arrested one man in connection with a potential anti-gay hate crime and assault on two women on the campus of East Carolina University (ECU). Investigators are also looking for a second man they think was involved in the incident, which occurred early Friday morning outside of a campus dormitory.

Tomlin takes Charlotte

Comedian heads to Queen City for Oct. 24 show

Famed comedian and actor Lily Tomlin heads to Charlotte on Oct. 24, performing at Blumenthal’s Belk Theater. We got some of her thoughts on her upcoming show, Hollywood and entertainment culture and reality TV, along with her thoughts on the recent reports of gay teen suicides across the nation.

Know your risk, doctor tells women

Breast, other cancers better treated when detected early

Theresa Knight, an obstetrician and gynecologist in St. Louis, Miss., says the best thing women can do to protect their health is know their risk. That’s especially true for lesbian women, she says, who are at a greater risk for both breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

It does get better, but only if we make it so

Editor's Note

“It Gets Better” is an entirely appropriate message to send to young people. It’s a message I wish I could have heard earlier in my coming out process. Though I never actually attempted suicide, the thought crossed my mind more than a couple times. In one instance, I found myself sitting in my bedroom, crying with blade in hand, wrist turned up. Thank God I never went through with it. Thank God I had the opportunity to grow up and learn first-hand that, indeed, life does get better.

Will DADT be repealed this year?

Do you think a repeal to ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ will be passed before the end of this year? See what these military veterans and one Citadel grad have to say.

Day of Remembrance: Violence vis a vis murder


By a very rough estimate, since January I’ve counted 19 instances of hate crimes perpetrated against trans individuals resulting in death, worldwide. These are the lives we recall and commemorate each year on Nov. 20, the annual Trans Day of Remembrance. These are the lives that have been tragically snuffed out prematurely because of hate and fear and ignorance.