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January 22, 2011 – QNotes

‘Sissies’ sends message of hope

Queen City Theatre Company presents regional premiere of Del Shores play

Queen City Theatre Company (QCTC) will present the Carolinas regional premiere of Shores’ “Southern Baptist Sissies” (SBS) on Jan. 21 (a day before this issue’s street date). The performance continues through Feb. 5 at Duke Energy Theatre at Spirit Square in Uptown Charlotte.

‘Maintaining the status quo’

Advocates gear up for tough legislative session

The once-optimistic vision of progress in North Carolina came to a screeching halt for many LGBT Tar Heels following November’s midterm elections. For the first time in a century, Republicans took control of both houses of the North Carolina General Assembly. No doubt, Republicans across the state are happy to be back in power, but at what cost to LGBT people will their victory come?

‘Sissies’ a play with an ‘agenda’

REVIEW: Queen City Theatre cast hits it on the nail with this direct, funny, at times somber play by Del Shores

Queen City Theatre Company (QCTC) continues its mission of spreading acceptance with yet another wonderfully-composed theatrical performance. “Southern Baptist Sissies” was written by Del Shores, a gay director, playwright and native of Texas, where the play is set from 1979 to 2000 in a church called Calvary Baptist.

East Charlotte gays could have impact

Editor's Note

If you’re LGBT and live in Charlotte, odds are likely you make your home in the city’s Eastside. If not, at the very least you work, eat, shop or drink here or have friends who live here. With such a great number of LGBTs in East Charlotte, we stand a phenomenal chance to have an impact especially on movement toward better public transit.