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March 19, 2011 – QNotes

Dwellings 2011

Spring is returning! Finally! With it comes the change to get out in the garden, clean out the house or put it on the market. qnotes has you covered! Best home improvements for your renovation dollars Five tips for a faster sale in 2011 Attaining the perfect patio in 48 hours Décor trends 2011 :: …

An online war is underway on North Carolina’s Outer Banks

An Outer Banks native reflects on his past, his hometown and the controversy over a 2011 OBX Pridefest

It started with a blog post from Charles Tyler, pastor of Roanoke Island Baptist Church in Manteo, the birthplace of Virginia Dare and home of actor Andy Griffith. When Tyler caught wind that David Miller, who lives less than a mile from his church, was planning the area’s first-ever gay Pride celebration this summer, he took to the blogosphere.

Heart to heart with Hunx

Getting down-and-dirty with punk, queer rocker Hunx; Hitting Charlotte and Durham in April

Led by Hunx (a.k.a. Seth Bogart), formerly of queer dance unit Gravy Train!!!!, Hunx & His Punx puts the gay back into garage on “Too Young To Be In Love” (Hardly Art). Described as the first “proper” studio album by the band, the 10 songs smell like black leather motorcycle jackets and boots, Brylcreem and Final Net, cigarettes and Dentyne.

Spring cleaning challenge 2011 :: simplify

This season don’t just clean up — clean out!

There’s an old Aborigine saying that reads, “The more you know, the less you need.” Concepts of simplicity like this are difficult to process in the midst of a greed-driven economy like that in the U.S. But, despite all the constant hype of needing bigger, shinier, newer things, could it be that perhaps less really is more?

Décor trends 2011 :: Natural lights

Invigorate your home décor with this year’s classiest spring trends

After enduring an unusually long and snowy winter, my heart has never been so eager for the fresh warmth and sunshine of spring. If you too find yourself daydreaming of finer weather and renewed energy, then what better way to fight off these last dreary days of clouds and drizzle than by bringing all the crisp new colors and styles of spring into your home? Hold on tight for a crash course in all the new décor trends this season has to offer.

Charlotte, on the cusp of change?

Editor's Note

After years of little-to-no progress on LGBT issues in the Queen City, I’m starting to think we might be seeing the very early light of a bright spot in Charlotte. Or, at the least, that’s what I hope I’ve observed as small pieces toward progress fall into place here and there across the city.

The sandwich-generation lesbian

Ever heard of the Lingerie Football League? It’s a women’s football league where the women wear helmets, shoulder pads, bras, panties and garters. Billed as “true fantasy football,” the teams have names like the Los Angeles Temptation and the Dallas Desire.

Attaining the perfect patio in 48 hours

Dwellings 2011: Spring Gardening, Home Decorating, Real Estate

Spring is a time of renewal with flowers and trees blooming, grass greening and warmer temperatures bringing us back to the outdoors. But before you can begin to truly enjoy the fresh air, there are many updates needed to help your patio areas recover from the harsh effects of old man winter.

Five tips for a faster sale in 2011

Dwellings: Spring Gardening, Home Decorating, Real Estate

Without a doubt, 2011 is the best time in years for LGBT homeowners to successfully market their property. Follow these tips and it is possible to not only attract qualified buyers but also enjoy a quicker sale — with potentially higher profits — while overcoming many of the aggravating hurdles faced by other sellers.