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April 16, 2011 – QNotes

Walks to remember

Carolina AIDS walks raise awareness, funds during time of need

While it would be difficult to overstate the importance of AIDS Walk fundraisers in the battle against HIV and AIDS, the events themselves couldn’t be much simpler.

Pride Charlotte wants to ‘stand proud’ in Uptown

Pride Charlotte, slated for Aug. 27, captures the heart of the Queen City

Although Charlotte has been hosting Pride festivities since the 1970s, the process of creating a thriving LGBT community hasn’t been easy. In 2005, the non-profit Charlotte Pride organization dissolved after facing intense anti-gay backlash. But since 2006, when the Lesbian & Gay Community Center took charge of the event, Pride Charlotte has grown immensely, jumping from Gateway Village to the N.C. Music Factory and now, for 2011, to the very heart of the Queen City — Uptown Tryon St.

Judy at Carnegie Hall: 50 years later

Commemorating Judy Garland’s historic performance at Carnegie Hall

April 23, 1961 will mark the 50th anniversary of what was probably the greatest evening in show business history. Over 3,000 lucky people packed the world-famous Carnegie Hall in New York City to see Judy Garland. We are lucky enough that this evening was recorded live and complete and has been transforming fans for the last 50 years to front row seats to hear and experience Judy Garland, her charm, charisma, presence and her truly marvelous voice in full form.

Let me see y’all one, two step

Southern Country Charlotte values community, organizer says

Growing up gay can be hard. That’s especially true if you grow up in the South or other rural, conservative settings. Despite these hardships, many of us LGBT Southerners still long for a piece of home or clamor to embrace what we consider our “roots.” Being gay and Southern — or “country,” “redneck,” “cowboy” or whatever term of endearment you choose to identify yourself — has never been mutually exclusive.

McCarley’s sad legacy a reminder of inequality

Editor's Note

Though I have no idea how he personally feels about LGBT people — and, therefore, cannot call him a bigot — one thing is clear: McCarley’s actions and legal opinions have significantly harmed our community and prevented any substantial and concrete forward movement on LGBT inclusion in city policies and ordinances. In short, McCarley is an enabler of continued bigotry, discrimination and prejudice.

The fabric of our lives

General Gayety

We Americans like to express ourselves with our chests. I’m not speaking of Jane Russell or even Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’m talking about our proclivity for wearing T-shirts with slogans on them. Americans have been human billboards for decades.

Free speech, students and school

This issue’s QPoll: Federal courts have ruled consistently that students’ rights to free speech and expression while at school extend to their wardrobe. LGBT students have benefited from these rulings, but should other students be allowed to wear clothing with anti-LGBT messages?

Kerry leads on immigration equality

News Notes: Beyond the Carolinas

Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) led 11 colleagues in an April 6 letter to Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano urging immigration equality for legally married same-sex couples who are currently discriminated against under the Defense of Marriage Act.

Advocacy group on pulse of equality efforts

News Notes: Carolinas

This year, amidst the rise of a Republican-led legislature which has already brought an anti-LGBT constitutional amendment to the floor of both chambers, Equality North Carolina (ENC) has it’s plate full.