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May 28, 2011 – QNotes

Father, sons take global, social justice to new heights

Family’s Twelve In Twelve project will take them across the globe

“This isn’t a luxury trip,” J.D. Lewis cautions. In July, Lewis and his sons — 13-year-old Jackson and 8-year-old Buck — will depart for a year-long journey hopping from nation to nation as they visit 12 different cities across the globe. In each, they’ll assist in humanitarian work ranging from issues like famine and poverty to healthcare and education.

Concert stresses community, caring

Triangle Gay Men’s Chorus, Comman Woman Chorus team up to present ‘Sing for the Cure’

When the Triangle area’s two LGBT and LGBT-friendly community choirs teamed up to present a special concert benefiting the Komen Foundation, they didn’t quite know what kind of response they’d get. The choruses, two weeks from the concert’s debut, have found out — their communities rallied to the cause.

Service for a new generation

Time Out Youth celebrates 20 years even as it faces continued growth, challenges

In June, Charlotte LGBT youth support group Time Out Youth will mark 20 years of service to the community — a full two decades of work supporting teens struggling to come to terms with their identities or those facing homelessness as the result of wrathful or misunderstanding parents and caregivers.

Queering gender, music and art

Justin Bond of ‘Shortbus’ fame takes on Carrboro

Downtown New York music scenester and queer avant-garde singer, songwriter and performance artist Justin Bond — now named Mx. Justin Vivian Bond and “V” instead of he/she or him/her — will take to the stage at Carrboro’s ArtsCenter on June 4.

Creating change in East Charlotte

More than a decade ago, Tonyia Rawls came to Charlotte charged with a mission. Her denomination, the Unity Fellowship Church Movement, had tasked her with finding a home for their first congregation in the South.

The nuptial news

General Gayety

There’s been a lot of marriage news lately. But, enough about the Royal Wedding. On these shores, the struggle for same-sex marriage has been as wobbly as a tipsy bride. Look at Rhode Island. Hopes were high that Little Rhody would become the sixth state to allow gay marriage. But, House Speaker Gordon Fox announced the legislation wouldn’t pass the Senate, so he was backing civil unions instead.

A perfect storm


One Maryland trans activist called it a “perfect storm.” Barely a week after the state’s proposed Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Act died in committee, a brutal and unconscionable attack on a Baltimore-area trans woman occurred at a local McDonalds restaurant. This event captured the nation after the video of this unprovoked beating went viral. Sadly, this was not a one-in-a-million occurrence or even one in a thousand. This kind of brutality has become virtually commonplace. You can bet that everyday, somewhere, a trans person is in the midst of a verbal and/or physically violent attack.

‘Don’t Ask’ repeal training underway at N.C. base

News Notes: Carolinas

Marines are engaged in sessions to deal with the upcoming lift of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” from military life. During training instructors provide soldiers with scenarios on dealing with gays and sought responses to the scenes to help in understanding how to best deal with changes that are on the horizon.