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September 3, 2011 – QNotes

Leaders of the pack

Gay program chairs at Charlotte Art Institute talk school, local art, culture

It’s not uncommon to see LGBT people involved in art. We are, after all, a creative bunch. Take just a quick glance at the art world: in every genre, we’re there. And, you can’t really have a good art school without some gays, can you? Ron Crider, Charles Easley and Richard Withem have each worked with the Art Institute (AI) of Charlotte or at other AI locations for several years. Each chairs a particular program area, having worked their way up from faculty. In all, four of the school’s seven programs find these three gay men at their helm.

Gay Christian Network provides safe harbor

Struggles make for a stronger community

In 2001, little did Justin Lee, a recent graduate from Wake Forest University and 23 at the time, realize what a monumental contribution he would make to LGBT Christians around the globe.

Charlotte Primary Endorsements

QNotes staff names pick for best LGBT-friendly candidates in Sept. 13 primary election

issues our endorsement of several candidates in their Sept. 13 primary elections below. We have also listed candidates we could not endorse, but who we think are receptive to broader questions and conversations on particular issues asked in our candidate questionnaire.

Somber memorials as 9/11 anniversary approaches

Tenth anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks a chance to reflect, remember

As Sept. 11 approaches, the nation prepares to hold remembrances and memorials for those lost during the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks 10 years ago. For those too young to remember Pearl Harbor, the Kennedy or King assassinations and other tragic dates now seared into national memory, the attacks a decade ago have served as watershed life- and culture-defining moments for an entire generation. For the LGBT community, in particular, the decennial anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks gives us pause to reflect on those of our own who died that day. We also reflect on those LGBT servicemembers who served and died in the line of duty, fighting bravely for a nation that refused to give them full rights of citizenship.

Charlotte candidates are friendly, but need education

Editor's Note

In the past few years, and especially after the election of incumbent Democratic Mayor Anthony Foxx, Charlotte has seen substantial changes in the way LGBT citizens and residents are treated and recognized by city government. Some elected officials and candidates, however, still seem to lack basic knowledge and awareness of issues important to the local LGBT community.

Same gender means some problems

General Gayety

You might enter into a same-sex relationship thinking you know all the troubles that lie ahead. Discrimination, rejection by family and friends, spending eternity in hell — none of that is news. But, I’ll bet you never considered the bundle of difficulties caused by being in a relationship with someone who’s a lot like you. Someone with whom you share everything from chromosomes to conditioner.

Fall A&E Guide: Wells Fargo to celebrate community, culture

Event on Oct. 29 features free museum admission, performances

Wells Fargo is getting ready to make its grand entrance into the Charlotte market. Though a past sponsor of Pride Charlotte, you didn’t see Wachovia’s name anywhere at the Aug. 27 event in Uptown. Wells Fargo, it seems, is here to stay. But, that isn’t a bad thing.