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October 29, 2011 – QNotes

Women’s frat builds bonds

Chi Psi Omega strives for community service

Their motto is “Forged in fire, from the ashes we rise,” and Mel Dixon, Mecca Kerr, Samantha Mercer and Diana Nutter are bound and determined to make a positive impact.

Enjoying the fall garden’s bountiful harvest

Local markets provide key ingredients from the fields

When the calendar turns to fall months, temperatures drop and local football teams come to mind. With the approach of the cooler weather, many of us also begin to yearn for the warmth of comfort foods like hearty soups and stews or freshly baked pies, but these traditional favorites need not be boring and unhealthy. A modern take on comfort foods uses what is fresh and available during the season, but also explores new ingredients and stretches your imagination to look at old ingredients or recipes in new ways.

Fun activities to enjoy in the cool fall months

Celebrate the autumn outdoors and cook up a storm

The fall brings beautiful new scents and sounds with crisp air, vibrant colors of leaves gently falling to the ground, crackling wood popping on campfires and the sweet smell of apples hovering in the kitchen.

Bodies in motion

Choreography Brian Brooks will bring latest dance creation to N.C. State

Choreography Brian Brooks will bring his latest dance creation, “Motor,” to North Carolina State University for a special one-night performance on Thursday, Nov. 17.

What a difference 25 years makes

In the 1980s, one would have been hard-pressed to find objective or positive news coverage of LGBT people in mainstream media. Newspapers, TV stations, magazines and other outlets primarily remained agents of oppression, often painting LGBT people as sick or depraved — especially so during the early years of the AIDS Crisis. The 21st Century offers new and exciting changes, including QNotes’ new partnership with The Charlotte Observer’s Charlotte News Alliance.

16 reasons we should be protesting

General Gayety

My view of the Occupy Wall Street protest is that it’s an unfocused jumble, but, at least, somebody’s doing something. At last. What began with a few dozen demonstrators on Wall Street has grown into a national conniption over corporate greed and government collusion.

Two movement pioneers pass in Oct.

News Notes: Beyond the Carolinas

Frank Kameny and Paula Ettelbrick, both prominent figures for decades in the LGBT rights movement, passed away earlier this month. Kameny, 86, died at his Washington D.C.-area home on Oct. 11, National Coming Out Day, of natural causes. Ettelbrick, 56, passed away from cancer four days earlier in New York City.

Charlotte: Center events are aplenty

News Notes: Carolinas

The LGBT Community Center of Charlotte, 820 Hamilton St., Suite B11, has announced a host of activities to satisfy the palette for the “family” in the Queen City.