The straight of it?

February 18, 2012 in Out in Print by Terri Schlichenmeyer

For most of your life, people have been making decisions without you. When you were born, for instance, they decided whether you were a boy or a girl (admittedly, based on obvious visual clues).

Out in the Stars: February 18 – March 2

February 18, 2012 in Out in the Stars by Charlene Lichtenstein

There is something mystical and mellow in the air as the Sun moves into Pisces. But, that is not all; suddenly all is right with the world.

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How to get around rejection

February 18, 2012 in Tell Trinity by Trinity

To Trinity, I’m an attractive, fun, well-off gay man. I think I’m a catch, but I can’t seem to get a catch. What’s wrong with me? Catcher Without A Catch, [...]