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March 17, 2012 – QNotes

PAAL to hold reception

Continues battle against Amendment One

The Peoples Alliance for American Liberty (PAAL), which was formed in Watauga County in 2010 and is “committed to defeating Amendment One,” will host a reception for those committed to marriage equality in North Carolina on March 18, 3-5 p.m., at the Westglow Resort and Spa, 224 Westglow Cir.

One world, one tribe

Local artist using the human body as canvas to tell the human story

The use of tattooing and piercing has long been a means for cultures to represent both their individual and group identity outwardly to others. These markings and body modifications serve to tell the story of an individual in a way that is meaningful to them.

Adoring the human canvas

I ink, therefore I am

Humans have adorned their bodies since the earliest recorded times. In some ancient cultures these embellishments were primarily temporary decorations, like the use of make-up by the Egyptians (as early as 3500 B.C. according to archaeological evidence) or the art of mehndi, in which a henna-derived ink is used to draw intricate designs on the skin, in India.

Sports: Playing the field

QNotes is proud to bring you our new sports feature and would like to introduce its contributor, Jon Hoppel. Hoppel is an active member of the sports community.

Amendment One


Continuing with our theme of speaking out against Amendment One, this issue we have a letter from Ashlei Blue, Regional Field Director for The Coalition to Protect All NC Families.

Silence = betrayal

Editor's Note

The 2012 Human Rights Campaign (HRC) North Carolina Gala was a night filled with speeches from advocates working for the rights of LGBT people across the country and fighting against discriminatory legislation in North Carolina. For me, one of the most stirring speeches of the evening came from CNN anchor Don Lemon who was presented with the HRC’s Visibility Award.

T-shirt power

On Being a Gay Parent

Best to admit it up front: I collect T-shirts. I don’t mean shirts by local retailers that have the name of a store emblazoned on them, in which the buyer actually pays to be a billboard advertisement for the company they just bought the shirt from.