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March 31, 2012 – QNotes

Dwellings 2012: Home & Garden – Gardens

Ways to beautify your garden

Whether your garden is a source of food for your family, a way to beautify your home’s outdoor spaces or a gathering place for parties, you already know how beneficial your outdoor hobby can be.

Dwellings 2012: Home & Garden – Beautification

Easy and inexpensive home decorating tips

Every living space needs a change from time to time — but redecorating your home from scratch can cost you a lot of time and money. Luckily, there are headache-free, cost-effective ways to completely revamp your rooms.

We’re not alone

Straight allies speak out for equalilty

In October 2011, straight ally and rugby star Ben Cohen visited the Queen City to speak out for equality and to fundraise for his anti-bullying StandUp Foundation. In March 2012 straight ally and NCAA wrestler Hudson Taylor was in town as a speaker for Campus Pride. On April 7, Campus Pride and Time Out Youth are partnering to present a “Believe in Youth” speaker series with marriage equality advocate Zach Wahls.

Get your GIF on starting in April

Local consumer coupon program for LGBT goes live

In October 2011, qnotes reported about the upcoming launch of Gay It Forward (GIF), a coupon-based website similar to Groupon that will be focused on the LGBT community in Charlotte.