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May 26, 2012 – QNotes

Drag resurrected

The queens are back and reigning once more

Drag, i.e, men dressing in women’s clothing for entertainment purposes, is an age-old concept. It’s thought by some that the word itself dates back to Elizabethan-era England. At that time women were barred from the stage — acting was considered an unseemly pursuit for the fairer sex — so men portrayed all the parts.

Drag, not just for queens anymore

A look at the drag king community and Hunter Down

The drag queen community seems to have reached a new high with its mainstream media breakthrough, thanks largely to drag long-time celebrity figures such as RuPaul and the attention her Logo shows have brought to the art form. Their drag king counterparts are still in the early stages of breaking into the forefront of the community.

Ready, set, DRAG!

3rd Annual Queen City Drag Race works it out for charities

If you’re a NASCAR fan, this may not be the drag race you were looking for, but, oh what fun it was! Teams of four gathered at Hartigan’s Irish Pub to take part in the 3rd Annual Queen City Drag Race on May 12. The event is an annual fundraiser that benefits the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, as well as other charities selected by the contestants.

Investing in our community

Local foundations continue to financially support the local LGBT community

On May 9, following North Carolina’s passage of Amendment One, hundreds gathered at the Omni Hotel in Charlotte to celebrate the Charlotte Lesbian and Gay Fund’s 5th Annual Happening! This event celebrates the continued support of the LGBT community through the efforts of the fund, as well as to announce the recipients’ of the 2012 Lesbian and Gay Fund’s grant awards.

Convention isn’t going anywhere

411 on the DNC

Following the passage of Amendment One in North Carolina, an outpouring of petitions have sprung up online in response to the decision. The majority of these petitions have one focus, to move the DNC out of Charlotte as a retaliation measure against the passage of the anti-LGBT amendment.

Breaking the habit, sort of: Finding a compromise I can live with

I love to smoke. The whole ritual of smoking a cigarette has always been incredible to me. From packing a fresh pack of cigarettes and peeling away the cellophane to sparking the lighter and taking that first glorious inhale; for years there really has been nothing better to me. Smoking has been a part of my daily routine for over a decade and one I literally thought I would take to the grave.

Emotions after a lesbian court battle

General Gayety

News item: When two Canadian lesbians broke up in 2006 they divided all their assets, but forgot about the 13 tubes of sperm they had stored in a sperm bank. Later one of the women re-partnered and asked to use the leftover sperm, but her ex wanted it destroyed.

Miss Universe and the politics of transgender beauty


Miss Universe: A laudable honorific. Mistress of not just our lowly solar system, but intergalactically so, outranking even Miss Whirlpool Galaxy and Miss Omega Centurai. Reigning over the totality of matter and energy, Miss Universe reaches across the darkness to gather stars for her astronomical tiara.