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June 9, 2012 – QNotes

North Carolina vs. Mississippi?

On Being a Gay Parent

After the vote on Amendment One was held and passed by the citizens of North Carolina, Governor Beverly Perdue spoke out about what we, as a state, looked like to the rest of the nation: “People around the country are watching the state and are confused…North Carolina was a progressive and a forward thinking state that stood up for civil rights…we look like Mississippi” (May 11, 2012).

Pride 2012 lineup

Festivals and parades across North Carolina and the surrounding area

We’ve got a great list of Pride celebrations that are being presented all across the region. Take a look at one of these to get your season planned.

Why we celebrate

Remembering Stonewall and looking at where we’ve come from

With June in full effect, cities across the country are soon to be bombarded with rainbows as Pride returns to celebrate the spirit of the LGBT community and the movement for equality. Day, and even week-long, celebrations are scheduled filled with marches, parades, a variety of entertainment, street fairs, film festivals and more.

20 Questions: Rodney Tucker, Charlotte

Rodney Tucker is one of the glue guys of the Queen City’s LGBT community. You know the sort we’re talking about: seems to be at every event you go to and is involved in some capacity with every project of note.

Pride, now more than ever

Editor's Note

Happy Pride month everyone! I love that Pride is in June. Not only is it my birth month, but this June will mark one year since my move to North Carolina and I could not be more proud.

Mainstream in the press

General Gayety

Being the old-fashioned type, I have a newspaper delivered to my door every morning. Being part of modern American society, I rarely have time to read it.

Town hall meetings roll out

Carolinas News Notes

Equality NC, along with the Human Rights Campaign, American Civil Liberties Union-North Carolina, Southerners on New Ground, NAACP-NC and other coalition partners, have taken to the road to host “What’s next?” for LGBT rights town hall meeting across the state in the aftermath of Amendment One passage on May 8.