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June 23, 2012 – QNotes

Love is love

A look at the history of the B in our LGBT community

As we continue our celebration of LGBT Pride month, let’s take a closer look at one of the sub-groups within our community that is often ignored, misunderstood or rejected. Despite their seemingly less visible presence, the bisexual community has been a part of the gay rights movement in the United States since its early history in the 1960s and 1970s.

Kuhl-er-fuhl • Lang-gwij: a primer to LGBT slang

A look at words and phrases used to identify groups and subgroups of our diverse community

“I don’t like to be labeled” is a phrase many of us have said at one point or another. While we may not like labels to be applied to us, for the most part, we all use labels to make associations or assumptions frequently in our lives, whether intentionally or just informally. Labels can absolutely be used to stigmatize or generalize an individual or a population, but it is all in the intention and usage of the word or phrase.

Bi-lines, living between two worlds

Becoming comfortable in this skin made things more acceptable, livable

Growing up in a small southern town was both enjoyable and challenging. The cozy lifestyle was slow. The food marvelous. And, the scenery sublime.

20 Questions: Janice Covington, Charlotte

Janice has been an out and proud trans activist for 42 of her 65 years. In the far shorter time that 20 Questions has known her — did we mention far shorter? — we have been admirers of both her involvement and her fashion sense (which, with all due respect to the woman Janice claims as her personal style icon, we believe was most heavily influenced by Mrs. Johnson of Harper Valley).

411 on the DNC: Media prepares for convention coverage

Local, regional, national and international media organizations continue to prepare for their coverage of this September’s 2012 Democratic National Convention. qnotes was among the many news agencies present at the Democratic National Convention Committee’s (DNCC) final media logistics walkthrough on June 5.

Trust me, I will see you around!

Editor's Note

Well folks, this has been quite an experience getting to serve as editor for QNotes. Even though it has only been five months, I have really enjoyed my time here and want to thank all of you for putting up with me during my run.

What was old is new again

Editor's Note

It was just five months ago that I wrote my last “Editor’s Note” for this newspaper. At the time, I found myself at a crossroads. I had served as editor of North Carolina’s LGBT community newspaper for nearly four-and-a-half years.

Adding to the Christian splutterings

General Gayety

‘Tis the season of ministerial ravings. The world has heard Pastor Sean Harris urge parents to punch effeminate sons, Pastor Charles Worley advocate putting gays in concentration camps and Pastor Curtis Knapp suggest the government kill gays.

Networking marriage equality


With the passing of Amendment 1, my Facebook feed has been flooded with reactions. Voter intimidation: One family held close as they cast their ballot while protestors yelled, “homosexual marriage endangers children!”