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July 7, 2012 – QNotes

Easy Breezy: Summer Fashion

Stay cool and stay casual without sacrificing sexy style this summer and into early fall

Don’t let the heat of summer from keeping you from looking your best. Stylist Daniel Stroupe gives us options for dressing for success and staying cool without sacrificing style in these summer and early fall fashions.

Sizzling: Swimwear and Underwear

Show some sexy skin in sunny, sweltering summer

The hot days of summer are the perfect time to lay back and relax. Be sure to keep cool! Take those stuffy clothes off and show some skin with these hot swimwear and underwear fashions.

Former N.C. stylist stars on ‘Chicagolicious’

MaCray Huff says he took a leap of faith to be on Style Network’s new reality show

MaCray Huff, 30, always felt a little bored growing up in Virginia and North Carolina, but he knew his talents would one day be his ticket out of the south.

20 Questions: Jef Madden, Charlotte

20 Questions

Photographer Jef Madden is establishing himself as the go-to guy for shooting community events like the AIDSWalk and Pride Charlotte and for documenting LGBT-themed projects like The Human Canvas, Project Colors and the mural that’s currently being painted on the White Rabbit store.

LGBT delegates say they are honored

NC Democrats chose their first transgender delegate

North Carolina’s strong LGBT community won’t be left out when the Democratic National Convention rolls into Charlotte in September. Community organizations across the state and especially in Charlotte are taking advantage of the spotlight the DNC brings.

Not a J.C. Penney family

On Being a Gay Parent

The adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” bears truth in light of the rush of praise and criticism of J. C. Penney’s Fathers’ Day advertisement. The ad was unforgettable and rather iconic: two dads are caught mid-laughter as they play with their cute, rambunctious children on the clean living room carpeted floor.

The immediate winners in the ACA decision

Guest Commentary

Much of the media frenzy over the June 28 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that the Affordable Care Act is constitutional focused on the political ramifications of the decision, primarily how it will affect the presidential election in November.