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July 21, 2012 – QNotes

InFocus Charlotte: The Queen City Count

Census data shows high concentration of same-sex households in East Charlotte, Center City and southern suburbs

Three years ago, Larry Ferri and his partner Barry Pettinato set out from Washington, D.C., to settle in Charlotte. They went through all the usual motions any moving couple might. They found a real estate agent, toured the city and ranked the pros and cons of the neighborhoods they encountered.

InFocus Charlotte: Trudging along — Charlotte’s path to LGBT equality

More than a decade of local advocacy is shaping new LGBT-inclusive political culture as city leaders move to protect LGBT workers, offer benefits to employees’ partners

When Democrats from across the country come to Charlotte this September, they will experience a city that is increasingly moving in the right direction on matters of LGBT equality. After years of stalled progress, the city now protects employees on the basis of sexual orientation. In June, the council included domestic partner benefits in their 2012-2013 budget.

Playing the field: Brits welcome Royals

Charlotte Royals visit UK for international Bingham Cup tourney and rugby matches

The Bingham Cup is the largest amateur international rugby tournament in the world. That’s right, in the world. And, this year, the Charlotte Royals joined in on the fun and went to Manchester for a cold, wet weekend of rugby, camaraderie, brotherhood and Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee in jolly ol’ England.

Herb Cohen and José Fumero celebrate long, happy life

Mint Museum of Art celebrates underappreciated talent

The white Hebrew letters march around the rim of the elegant brown bowl in a declaration never to be refuted: “I Will Be What I Will Be.” The ceramicist didn’t mean that as a personal manifesto: It’s a slight alteration of the words Moses heard God speak from the burning bush.

20 Questions: David Stout, Charlotte

Since I started this column, a few regular readers (hush your mouth, they exist!) have asked me when I plan to feature myself. I’m really not one to demand attentio…Hey! Sit down, sister!