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August 18, 2012 – QNotes

Pride Charlotte set to rock Uptown for two days

Event guides, entertainers and stage line-ups announced

Organizers of this year’s Pride Charlotte say their newly-expanded, two-day festival in Uptown Charlotte will offer extended opportunities for entertainment and community engagement.

Inside Men: Gay locals work to prepare for DNC

Scott Bishop and Tracy Russ say they want to share Charlotte’s story, highlight diversity and community

Two years ago, Charlotte was one of four cities vying to capture the 2012 Democratic National Convention (DNC). When the news hit home, locals began putting their dreams and hopes into plan. For many, hosting the national political event would be a defining moment for Charlotte, a city that had been hit hard by the uncertainty caused by the financial and economic collapse in 2008.

Unity party organizers want to showcase community

LGBT DNC event meant to welcome delegates, leave local legacy

In 2008, LGBT delegates and guests to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colo., were treated to a special welcome when they got to the Mile High City. When nearly 500 LGBT delegates and hundreds more LGBT and straight ally guests arrive in Charlotte, they’ll be treated no differently.

Charlotte’s time to shine

Editor's Note

The next couple of weeks in Charlotte will be buzzing. There’s almost too much going on. Between Pride Charlotte, the upcoming 2012 Democratic National Convention and so many new and progressive changes here at qnotes, I can barely contain my excitement.

It’s that time

General Gayety

I went on vacation expecting to visit old friends, see my brother get married and bake in the sun. I did all that — and watched my partner devour every lobster in three New England states.

What the gubernatorial candidates are not talking about

Guest Commentary

Pat McCrory and Walter Dalton are engaged in a cutthroat battle to be the next governor of North Carolina. Up to this point, both candidates have focused their messages primarily on job creation and jumpstarting the economy, along with a healthy dose of personal and political attacks (e.g. McCrory’s tax returns and Dalton’s ties to Gov. Perdue).

Triangle: Author seeks book subjects

Carolina News Notes

Author E. Patrick Johnson is headed to the Tar Heel State to interview black southern lesbians for his upcoming book, “Honeypot.” He will be conducting his research from Aug. 23-26.