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September 15, 2012 – QNotes

Man’s ‘armor’ can be stylish and comfy

Tips for dressing your best from our fashion guru Dan Stroupe and local designer David Watkins

Suits are a man’s uniform and armor, a grand opportunity of expression, or a torture device killing you softly with every wear. Let’s be honest, the general majority of men hate wearing suits.

NC Pride set to light up Triangle area

Thousands will gather for parties, festival and parade

DURHAM, N.C. — Thousands will travel from across the state toward Raleigh and Durham at the end of this month for the annual NC Pride Fest and Parade.

DNC: On the Record

Democratic Party leaders on LGBT equality

“We don’t think government can solve all our problems. But we don’t think that government is the source of all our problems — any more than are welfare recipients, or corporations, or unions, or immigrants, or gays, or any other group we’re told to blame for our troubles.”

Sports: Playing the field

Match-ups from across the Carolinas: Softball World Series

With over 4,000 participants and fans from 44 leagues in North America, the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Association’s (NAGAAA) Gay Softball World Series (GSWS) is the world’s largest annual LGBT sporting event.

The record breaking special interest election

Guest Commentary

Not too many years ago, Republicans in North Carolina railed against what they described as the “pay-to-play” culture in Raleigh where special interests who gave political leaders big bundles of campaign contributions were rewarded with privileged access and preferential treatment.

Beyond the Carolinas: PBS to end LGBT series

Beyond the Carolinas

NEW YORK, N.Y. — After 20 years on the Public Broadcasting Network, the “In the Life” series chronicling LGBT stories in the fight for equality, will end with its December 2012 segment. This Emmy Award-nominated has been a signature series and shattered stereotypes and helped pave the way for today’s LGBT movement.