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October 13, 2012 – QNotes

United for the cause

Editor's Note

Each October, everyone and everything goes pink. So, too, has qnotes. And, that’s just the way it should be. Our cover this issue serves as a loving tribute to those affected by breast cancer as our publication pauses to recognize National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Oh, no, it’s the smash monster!

Mammograms may be a bit uncomfortable, but they are necessary

I remember my first mammogram about 20 years ago. And, the reason was more chilling. It came when I discovered a lump in my breast when I was taking my morning shower that was not there even the day before. I went numb. I began to shake. I could not breathe.

Stirrups aren’t just for cowpokes

Well-woman visits are essential for good health

One of the most important practices a woman can engage in is a trip to the gynecologist. Oh, this isn’t because you love it so much. Nor, is it because you enjoy the visit. You may like your doctor.

Women’s cancer resources

Support groups and informational organizations from across the state and nation

QNotes has compiled a list of statewide and national resources to enable women to find groups and healthcare agencies and organizations for support.

How does ‘Obamacare’ affect me?

Affordable Care Act will benefit women and LGBT people

Even months after the passage of President Barack Obama’s landmark Affordable Care Act (ACA), many Americans are still confused about how the law will affect them and how new regulations will improve healthcare.

A question on gays that’s difficult to ask

Mecklenburg uncertain whether benefit violates Amendment One

Mecklenburg commissioner Bill James wants to know if the county is violating North Carolina law by offering domestic partner benefits to employees in same-sex relationships. The answer to that question might result in those benefits being lost, which might explain why James seems to be one of few county officials who wants to know.

Why I am abandoning the GOP

Guest Commentary

I am an out and proud Christian. I am a fiscal conservative. I am also a lesbian, so let me just say how psychologically damaging it is to be told by complete strangers that what you do in the privacy of your own home is unnatural, you’re sick in the head, that the right man hasn’t given it to you the right way, that you’re going to hell, that you need to be fixed, that you’re probably a pedophile, that you are destroying the institution of marriage or that you are bringing the wrath of God upon your country. This is what the Republican Party does and these are the ideas it supports.

Beyond the Carolinas: ‘Ex-gay’ quackery outlawed

Beyond the Carolinas

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A groundbreaking new state law will protect LGBT youth from psychological abuse by deceitful mental health professionals who falsely claim to be able to change their sexual orientation or gender expression.