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Q-Notes’ super-dooper holiday gift guide

Unique and one-of-a kind items available at retail, specialty and internet stores

It’s that time of year again — time to turn your hard-earned cash into that spectacular gift for someone special. If you’re buying for family, why not shop with family? We’ve compiled multiple lists in this special section to afford you the opportunity to find the best in distinctive holiday gifts.

Julius Sock Monkey
by Paul Frank. $18
Cozy Molars Bedroom Shoes
by Paul Frank. $22

Men’s Shoes & Boots by Destroy.
$179 - $209

Boris & Natasha

1214 Thomas Ave.,
Charlotte, N.C.

1950s Aluminum Christmas Tree.

Retro Mid-Century collectible lamps.

Victorian Bird Cage in Mahogany.

Vintage ’50s ashtrays. $12 - $30

Sleepy Poet Antique Mall
121 Friedland Lane
Charlotte, N.C.

Mission-style oak and cowhide chair.

Asian decanter.

1510 Antiques
1510 Central Ave., Charlotte, N.C.

Body therapies include massage, facials and more.

Georgetown Day Spa
1213 Thomas Ave., Charlotte, N.C.

Om Spa
325 Arlington Ave., Suite 510, Charlotte, N.C.

InTouch Body Therapy
4037 E. Independence Blvd., Suite 100, Charlotte, N.C.

Xen unisex watches and jewelry from Germany.
$195 - $395

Xen Pop bead necklaces and bracelets, rings with moving parts and cufflinks.
$100 - $1500

2200 W. Main St.
Durham, N.C.

Hand-made and hand-painted Turkish plates, signed by the artist.

Pura Vida
1521 Central Ave.
Charlotte, N.C.

Rare vinyl and CDs.

Adopt a cat with your music order.

Central Records
1514 Cental Ave.
Charlotte N.C.

DVDs & videos to rent, bargain books and a wide selection of magazines, books, travel guides,
jewelry, cards, T-shirts, bumper stickers, and gifts of interest to lesbians, gays, and their friends.

White Rabbit
1401 Central Ave.
Charlotte, N.C.

White Rabbit
309 West Martin St.
Raleigh, N.C.

Carved animals and figurines.
$28 - $62

House of Africa
1215 Thomas Ave.
Charlotte, N.C.

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