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Looking for antiques? Here’s the guy
Rob Haynes travels the world looking for collectibles and more

by Donald Miller

King of antiques: Rob Haynes says the Charlotte Antique & Collectibles Show at the Metrolina Fair Grounds is the perfect place to shop for vintage collectibles — even if you’re on a budget.

Rob Haynes is the vice president of the Art & Antiques division of DMG World Media, which encompasses 30 art and antique shows, including the Charlotte Antique & Collectibles Show at the Metrolina Fair Grounds. He has been involved in the industry for more than 25 years and is a member of the Professional Show Managers Association.

A native of Vancouver, British Columbia, Haynes and his partner Wayne (they’ve been together 22 years) have homes in Vancouver and West Palm Beach, Fla.

“We live in both places — but when I’m not on the road I spend most of my time in Florida. I’m in Charlotte so often I feel like I practically live there, too,” Haynes laughs.

Haynes’ love of antiques began in childhood with the influence of his grandparents.

“I come from a very close family,” says Haynes. “My grandparents talked a lot about their own personal history and they collected antiques. That’s where I developed a great appreciation for older fine things.”

Haynes collects art, fine ceramics, early English antigues and early Canadian antiques — like Morcroft pottery.

“One of the tables I have was given to me by my grandmother,” Haynes explains. “It was originally part of a set of 10 that came from 10 Downing Street.” Among Haynes’ other prized possessions is a Heitzman Boudoir piano. “When I was having it restrung we discovered that it was actually strung by Heitzman — sometime around 1910.”

Haynes is also particularly proud of his Florida home, as well. Although it was built in the 1940s, it’s history reaches back much farther.

“It’s very unusual for Florida,” he explains. “It’s a two-story brick georgian-style home. The original owner before us had the bricks imported from up north. They were from a post office that was constructed in the 1860s.”

In his role with DMG Haynes travels to antique and collectible shows in Florida, London, New York, Atlanta, San Francisco and Los Angeles, among others. He admits a particular fondness for Charlotte and the Carolinas.

“I love Charlotte,” he says. “When I’m there with the show I get a chance to talk with exhibitors and customers tell me what they want to see more of. I guess I’m kind of like a PR person.”

If you’re looking to decorate with antiques and collectibles — the show at the Metrolina Fair Grounds is the perfect place to begin your search.

“The show is a wonderful eclectic collection of not just antiques, but all kinds of collectibles, says Haynes Some people like to decorate with collectible items and we have a wonderful selection of decorating accessories. What the dealers have every month is different. If you’re thinking of decorating it’s a great place to get stuff on a budget.”

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