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What we want in 2007
Five individuals tell Q-Notes what they’d like to see happen in the new year

A ’fro for Condi
by Rev. Irene Monroe
• President Bush needs to get hooked on phonics instead of war.
• Secretary of State Condelezza Rice needs to know that she can be happy being nappy by doing away with those blowing bands and  get herself an afro wig, reminding her not only of her hair follicle roots, but also her racial roots.
• Oprah and her gal pal Gale should just come out.
• Vice President Cheney should write a memoir about his grandchild having two mommies.
• In his retirement years former Sectary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld should everyday recite the refrain from the Negro spiritual “Down By the Riverside” that says “I ain’t goin’ to study war no more.”
— Irene Monroe is a minister and writer.

Clay Aiken makes Liberace look like Mr. T
by Wayne Besen
• I hope that the New Year brings the discovery of at least one straight fundamentalist preacher in Colorado.
• I hope that in 2007, large dance clubs rediscover that words and music can coexist quite nicely.
• I hope that people in Manhattan realize that it is okay to visit their friends in Brooklyn. It is the East River you have to cross, not the Tigress in Baghdad.
• Would Clay Aiken please come out of his interior decorated closet? He is insulting our intelligence by continuing to say that he’s straight. Please, he is so gay that he makes Liberace look like Mr. T.
• May Focus on the Family’s James Dobson tell the truth, just once, in 2007. Why not? It is healthy to try new things every once in a while. 
— Wayne Besen is the author of “Anything But Straight” and the founding director of Truth Wins Out.

Marriage for everyone
by Andrew Landis
• An end to discrimination and hate crimes of any nature, either through legislation that will be properly enforced or simply through everyone finally realizing that we are all of the same race — the human race — and that, while each of us is unique in our own way, we each have something to offer and we are all sharing this rock together.
• I’d like for people — politicians and the mainstream alike — to stop trying to define marriage as being anything other than a legal union between two people who love each other and are committed to spending the rest of their lives together, for only then will the true family value of love prevail. 
• People in the LGBT community setting aside their differences and coming together to work on common goals like our rights to marry and raise families, equal opportunity and non-discrimination in employment and HIV/AIDS awareness and research.
• All LGBT people still in the closet will find the strength and courage to come out and be who they were meant to be.
• I’d like to see each one of us have the continued support of friends and/or family that we need.
— Andrew Landis is a writer and transactivist

Make me Queen of the World
by Jenn Jacobsen
• Get out of Iraq. Every day someone’s loved one is dying over oil. How does this war protect the freedom of Americans? Would you park your car to save the life of a loved one?
• End starvation worldwide. If we were to put an additional one percent tax on all food sold for a world starvation fund, we could raise over $3.6 billion from America alone. Imagine the amount raised from a worldwide effort.
• Find a cure for HIV. If one tenth of the military budgets of the entire world were put towards HIV research, I’m sure a cure and a vaccine would be found within two years.
• Greatly reduce the cost of health care. Create a federal health insurance program for everyone (medicare for all). Abolish patents on anything related to health. That would eliminate 99 percent of the healthcare paperwork.
• End all global politics and hostilities. Just nominate me queen of the world and I’ll take care of everyone.
— Jenn Jacobsen is a writer and graphic designer.

Help for Katrina Victims
by Broderick Roary
• The impeachment of President George W. Bush. His twin brother who graces the cover of MAD magazine could do a better job at running the country.
• It’s time for Americans to wake up and realize Washington bureaucrats continue to blow smoke up the public’s ass by clouding reality with the “War on Terror,” an un-based fear of same-sex marriage and anything else they can drum up to distract us from the real issues: we’re fighting a senseless war, the middle class is shrinking away day by day, we have countless homeless men, women and children in our own country, yet we choose to spend billions to invade another country.
• An end to this damn senseless, unjustified war! Bring our troops home today.
• A real Democratic candidate for the Presidency that can actually win for a change.
• For our country to heal emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially from the catastrophic disaster left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Fifteen months after the fact and they’re still finding bodies, people are still homeless and no one wants to stand up and take responsibility for the misappropriation of FEMA funds.
— Broderick Roary is one of the founding members of the Carolinas Black Pride Movement.

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