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Matador Red offers a varied mix of music
Alternately called retro-progressive and funky bistro with a little jazz-by-accident, Matador Red has been on the musical scene since 2002. A mixture of guitar, bass, drums, trumpet, French horn and accordion adds unusual flavors to the five-member lineup. The myriad of musical backgrounds of Matador Red, from gospel to singer-songwriter, world beat to school band nerds and ’90s alternative bands to coffee-house jam provide a constantly evolving sound that’s as fun to hear as it is to play.

Folksy Christy Snow takes listeners on a path of empowerment
Christy Snow began performing professionally in 1991. After leaving her job as a Marketing Specialist in 1999, she began touring full time at women’s music festivals, folk festivals and venues and churches. Snow plays a very diverse folk style of music that has been described as both playful and spiritual, and leads the listener on a path of empowerment, self-love and present moment awareness.




PRIDE fave Sister Funk returns to Charlotte
Sister Funk is a five-piece, all-female band that will bring their high-energy, entertaining stage show back to Charlotte for their fourth performance. Together for over six years, Sister Funk has been headlining national events with tracks off their two independent, original CD releases, “Pursuit of the Groove” and “Girl.” Sister Funk’s music is best described as commercial pop with a unique old school vibe delivered with modern day flair. According to Len Rogers of the National Stonewall Society, “Sister Funk’s music is for the people; all people.” With a third CD release anticipated for Summer ’06, long time Sister Funk fans can expect more great melodies, harmonies and hooks. Sister Funk’s recent credits include: Best Pop Band 2005, The Advocate, and Favorite Out Band in 2004, The National Stonewall Society.


Kat Williams brings jazz, R&B flavors to PRIDE Charlotte
Kat Williams’ upbringing in Buffalo, N.Y., was nurtured by the sounds of the great blues, jazz and gospel legends. As an adult, Williams spent a decade as a maximum-security prison guard, but fortunately found her way back to music after moving to Asheville. She’s been entertaining on a national level for almost 10 years now. With a mean set of lungs she knows how to use for deep, soul-stroking tones, Williams sings jazz, R&B, straight blues, lounge and more. The fact is, this woman could hum off her laundry list and make it sound good.


Eclecto pop: The Near Misses
An all-female quintet featuring some of Charlotte’s finest vocal talent, The Near Misses perform an eclectic blend of originals and covers, drawing upon roots-rock, pop, contemporary folk, country and jazz influences.
Arrangements include acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, bass, drums, hand percussion and gorgeous layers of dynamic vocal harmonies. This unforgettable band is comprised of Shana Blake, Reeve Coobs, Jill Lurie, and siblings Eva Gael and Etta Lea.

Singing for their supper:
Seth Boulton & The Dream Machine

With an eclectic mix of acoustic rock, soaring melody, breakup ballads and creeping anthems, Seth Boulton captures the heart of the insightful singer/songwriter with the passion of a rock-n-roll front man. With the addition of cello by Nicolette Emanuelle and percussion by Laura Witkowski, songs glide effortlessly into the desperation of lovesickness; other masterpieces offer the listener a haunting image of a charismatic cult leader while the music romps with a sinister swing that is sure to infect even the most jaded critics of acoustic guitar rock. The mix of vocals, cello and guitar is nothing short of genius and gives the impression of a full band complete with bright lights and a big stage combined with the intimacy of a street performer banging out three chords and the truth for spare change.

Movin’ with the spirit
One Spirit Choir is the primary choir for Unity Fellowship Church Charlotte. This talented and high-spirited choir primarily sings contemporary gospel music, however, their full repertoire includes a wide range of musical styles. There is an emphasis on celebrating the cultural, ethnic and social diversity reflected in the ministry itself.  
“Our prayer is that our music would invoke a yearning for the listener to seek a deeper, more intimate relationship with God and acceptance for all,” says Director Rita Barrett.
One Spirit has performed at The Governor’s Banquet on HIV/AIDS, The HRC Annual Banquet, FMBC’s World AIDS Day, RAIN’s Balm In Gilead Black Church Week of Prayer Celebrations, Temple Beth El’s MLK Shabbat, MAP’s Gospel Concert Fundraiser, Charlotte Domestic Violence Awareness Concert, Charlotte NC Black Gay Pride and various religious, social justice and cultural events throughout the region.

One Voice Chorus reaches out to the world
One Voice is the Gay, Lesbian and Gay-Affirmative Chorus of Charlotte. Through artistic excellence, One Voice Chorus works to increase understanding and acceptance of gays and lesbians. Their achievements in choral music have enabled One Voice to reach diverse groups to overcome misconceptions and to grow personally, both as performers and as leaders in our community.

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