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Spring into Spring: Fun & Recreation
It’s time to spring in to spring! Shake off those winter time blues, get off that couch and get active.

by Donald Miller
For a lot of people, winter often sends us retreating in to an almost bear-like hibernation, cutting down drastically on our recreational outlets.

The arrival of spring, however, brings with it warm weather, longer daylight hours and the chance to get outside and explore a plethora of experiences.

In addition to various sporting activities — there's also a number of other opportunities to socialize, exercise, make new friends and have fun.

• Having fun
Most of us have to work for a living and many of us have responsibilities with family and community that sometimes might not seem like the most fun. Whether or not you have a creative career that you enjoy or just a job that pays the bills, it’s still extremely important mentally to have other activities outside work that you enjoy to make you feel involved, active and alive.

• Making friends
Friends are one of life’s greatest pleasures. Whether they are old and tried and true or new and developing over a common interest — it’s the people around us that make life livable. Friends share the good times and the bad.

• Getting exercise

Physical exercise is considered important for maintaining physical fitness, including healthy weight; building and maintaining healthy bones, muscles and joints; promoting physiological well-being; reducing surgical risks; and strengthening the immune system. Need we say more?

• Feeling at home
It’s true that it’s important to experience as much of the world’s diverse culture as possible. That can be fun. But it can also be fun — and even easier — if you’re having fun with other people who think like you do. Sharing the good times with other members of the LGBT community — for many people — provides the opportunity to “let your guard down” or to just be who you feel comfortable being.

Sports and Fun Guide

Triangle Community Works offers a board game night for queers and their allies.
Raleigh • Board Games
Triangle Community Works presents a board and card games night twice a month in Raleigh. Alcohol and smoke-free and gay-friendly environment. Triangle Community Works, in conjunction with Interweave, sponsors this LGBT game-playing night. Games Night is free, but donations are gladly accepted. Games Night starts at 7:30 p.m. on the first and third Fridays of the month. First Fridays are at Community United Church of Christ, 814 Dixie Trail. Third Fridays are at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh, 3313 Wade Ave. www.tcworks.org/gamesnight.htm.

Raleigh-Durham • Bowling

Triangle Area Bowling Leagues
Kings and Queens Bowling Team meets every Thursday night at 8:10 p.m. The Capital City Rainbows meet every Sunday at 7 p.m. Both meet at Capital Lanes in Raleigh.

Charlotte • Bowling

Carolina Rainbowlers
This group won’t meet again until Sept. 28. Their mission is to promote the sport of bowling within the LGBT community. They are also members of IGBO (International Gay Bowling Organization) Check out gaycharlotte.com for more details.

Charleston • Kickball
Lowcountry Kickball for the LGBT and allied community in Charleston. Every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. Moultrie Park, 41 Ashley Ave.

Carolinas • Marching Band
The North Carolina Pride Marching Band invites anyone who has ever played a marching band instrument to join them at N.C. Pride in Durham and for other pride dates in S.C., D.C. and Atlanta. They also need flag carriers, banner carriers and band-aids. The N.C. Pride Band is also starting a concert band, which means that those who don’t care to play while marching will soon be able to play while sitting. Email NCPMB@aol.com for information or visit www.NCPrideBand.org.

The North Carolina Pride Marching Band invites anyone who has ever played a marching band instrument to join.
Carolinas • Marching Band
The Marching Pride of South Carolina was formed in late 2003 in order to add color and music to the annual South Carolina Gay and Lesbian Pride March and Festival in Columbia. For more details visit www.marchingpridesc.org.

Charlotte • Rugby
Charlotte Royals Rugby
Gay and gay-friendly rugby team’s next season begins in August. www.charlotteroyals.org.

Raleigh-Durham • Rugby
Kodiaks Rugby Club
Triangle area rugby team continues with socials, games and activities throughout the summer. www.kodiaksrfc.org.

Winston-Salem • Softball
Triad Softball League
The season’s already over but socials continue. www.triadsoftball.com.

Raleigh • Square Dancing
The Raleighwood Squares is a gay and lesbian square dance club. Beginner’s dance class is the second Tuesday of each month and regular dance sessions are the first, third and fourth Tuesdays. During the summer and near holidays, email or call to verify that there will be dancing that night. 919-317-1008. Raleighwood_Squares@hotmail.com www.iagsdc.org/raleighwood.

They're Square Dancing in Raleigh and Charlotte: check out the groups Southern Country Charlotte and the Raleighwood Squares.
Charlotte • Country-Western Dancing
Southern Country Charlotte was founded in 1991 by a small group of people with a common interest in promoting country western music and dance in Charlotte’s LGBT community. 704-845-6478. www.southerncountrycharlotte.com.

Charlotte • Swimming
The Charlotte H2Os is a group of gay men and women who swim for fitness, and if interested, train for competition. They are an International Gay and Lesbian Aquatic (IGLA) affiliated group. www.johnmlucas.com/charlottegayswimgroup.

Raleigh-Durham • Tennis

The Triangle Tennis Club meets every Friday, weather permitting, from 7-9 p.m. in North Raleigh. www.triangletennisclub.com.

Charlotte • Tennis
The Queen City Tennis Club is an all-inclusive (LGBT-focused) tennis club for individuals to come together and enjoy the game of tennis in an open, friendly atmosphere. www.birdnest.org/qctc.

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