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The Holidays Online
Q-Notes’ internet gift guide

Compiled by Q-Notes staff
Really, how many scratchy, multi-colored wool sweaters can your grandmother buy every year for the holidays? Here’s some advice: Buy her a computer (like right now… an early holiday gift, of sorts), teach her how to use it and point her in the direction of some interesting and useful gifts found online. With the internet, there are no boundaries (like we already didn’t know that) and anyone is bound to find that perfect gift that will be remembered for years.

The gifts we found across the Net are below, but check out the online version of this article at www.q-notes.com for direct links to the stores where you can buy them!

Rainbow Magic — This makes the perfect little gift for your beautiful son or daughter. Hey, depending on how much you like rainbows, you might buy it for yourself. The “Rainbow in My Room” gadget ($37.95 WhatonEarthCatalog.com) creates an arched rainbow across any room. The projector uses LED lights and turns on with the wave of a hand. It is perfect for a child’s night light or for queering up your next dinner party.

Gotta pic? — You no longer have to have weird photos of yourself. No more stretching your arm out and trying to get that perfect photo to put on your MySpace or Facebook. The XShot ($24.95, xshotpix.com) is like a personalized, hand-held tripod. It extends up to 37 inches and gets your whole body and background in a photo that looks as though you recruited a passer-by to take it for you. www.xshotpix.com

Snoopy! — Have a friend that’s a “Peanuts” fan? Sister, brother, niece, nephew or spouse that just can’t get enough of Snoopy? Another gift from WhatonEarthCatalog.com is the Peanuts Ultimate Box Set ($39.95) with nine vintage-style “Peanuts” books including “Happiness is a Warm Puppy,” “Suppertime!” and “The Peanuts Cookbook,” something that has been out of print for more than 30 years.

A web empire — Have a friend, sibling, spouse or parent that just loves the internet? Help them start their own web empire: Buy them a domain name and hosting! Starting a website has become one of the cheapest and easiest ways to express your personality, interests, opinions or even your business to the wider world around you. At GoDaddy.com, a leading and trusted web hosting provider, you can get a domain name for as low as $1.99 when you buy web hosting (going as low as $2.80 per month).

Month Club — Does dad like cigars or beer? Mom likes wine or chocolate? Get your special someone a gift that will keep giving the whole year through. GreatClubs.com offers a variety of monthly clubs to suit any taste. From a Wine of the Month Club to a Fruit Gift and Pizza of the Month Club, you’ll find that perfect alcohol, tobacco, beer and chocolate taste for your loved one.

Martini time — Shaken or stirred, nothing will complete a party like martinis and other fine drinks. None of it will matter, though, unless it all looks pretty. This cocktail set from RedEnvelope.com ($110.00) includes four classic martini glasses, four appetizer dishes, a tray and serving pitcher with matching glass stirrer. The birch veneer tray can be used to hold glassware, cocktails and snacks.
www.redenvelope.com/re/gifts/product_display/product_information.jsp?nc=4087&refPg=%2fproduct_ display%2fhome.jsp&clk=2&clknum=71&nc2=1&oid=25321503

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