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Spring & Summer 2007: runway chic and comfy street

Women: shorts, layers and big necklaces.
Spring is right around the corner and with it comes fresh new looks for the season. This year, designers are saying goodbye to winter’s gloomy garbs by using fun polka dots, bright hues, layers and stylish black-and-white prints.

“Spring is always an exciting time to shop; it’s so refreshing to replace heavy, winter wardrobes with fresh and exciting looks,” says Amy Cafazzo, a style expert for Marshalls Department Store. “This year, transitioning from winter to spring is easy because layers are still hot. Just phase out the heavier ones as summer’s warmer weather approaches.”

Follow these tips on ways to make runway style part of your wardrobe for work or play, night or day.

• White, white, white: Color perks up our spring, but all white or a mix of black and white is superhot this year. Go for a monochromatic look of all white, or mix it up with black-and-white graphic prints found in everything from men’s shirts and pants to women’s blouses to dresses. Add finishing touches of gold jewelry, one of this season’s hottest accessories, and you’re good to go!

Men: Mix it up with black-and-white graphic prints and retro-cut slacks.
• My baby doll: For women the dress is here to stay and in every style imaginable! Swingy, loose-fitting skirts and dresses, the sack, the wrap, the halter, the baby doll, the tunic and the jumper are all popular. Not sure which style looks best on you? Keep things easy by sticking with an A-line shape. The beauty of a dress is that it’s all one piece-throw it on with some shoes, a handbag and a necklace and you’re done.

• Ahoy mate: Sailor-inspired themes in red, navy blue, bright white and other neutral tones take center stage this spring. This look is both comfortable and classic. Find shorts, dresses, pants and even accessories with nautical style, then add a funky necklace, bag or belt, accented with rope or chains, and you’re sure to add some flair!

• Short shorts or not-so-short shorts: From Daisy Dukes to Bermudas, shorts are making another comeback just in time for spring. Cuffed styles are especially popular. Short shorts are the newest look, but the longer, just-above-the-knee city shorts, which made their debut last spring, continue to be hot this year, too. Dress ’em up or dress ’em down. Either way, they’re one of this season’s must-haves!

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