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Margaret Cho shows her true colors
Gay fave and standup comic Cho talks about the HRC tour, a new movie and her desire to play her mom on TV

by Lawrence Ferber

Margaret Cho’s back with a new movie out on DVD this August — “Bam Bam & Celeste.’
The Human Rights Campaign’s True Colors concert tour kicked off on June 8 and has traveled around the country, finishing its Pride Month tour on June 30. Its most recent stop was in Atlanta on June 21. Host Margaret Cho — fresh from an appearance on “The View” (could she be a possible replacement for Rosie?) — talked about her experience with the show.

“I love all the acts,” she shares, which includes Cyndi Lauper, Erasure, Debbie Harry, The Dresden Dolls, Rufus Wainwright, Indigo Girls, and The Gossip. “That’s what is so great about the tour, I get to see the show and it’s a show that I would go to and watch because everybody is so awesome.”

Never one to dawdle, Cho has also kept busy lately directing a series of YouTube videos and a short film entitled “Two Sisters,” developing and performing in a new bellydancing/burlesque extravaganza bound for Off-Broadway this fall entitled “The Sensuous Woman,” and promoting the August DVD release of her highly anticipated comedic road movie (which premiered at 2005’s Toronto International Film Festival), “Bam Bam & Celeste,” which co-stars Alan Cumming and Jane Lynch.

Are you psyched about the True Colors tour and chillin’ with Cyndi Lauper?

I love Cyndi Lauper. I’m an old, old fan. I used to have my hair pink and shaved down the sides like her. It was years and years ago. I love her so much, she’s awesome and beautiful.
What has she been like so far?

She’s been really, really great. She’s been so nice and welcoming and just really generous and awesome.

What sort of topics do you touch on during the tour?

We talk about butch lesbians and everything fun, pop culture themes, a little bit about Britney, a lot of stuff. It’s funny. I don’t even know what I’m doing, I’m kind of just hosting the show so I’m bringing it all.”

Oh, Britney…
I think she kind of looks cute with that bald head. She looks like a baby dyke, like she just came out of the closet, and her name’s Dylan. She’s a little boidyke. It’s so cute.

Rosie O’Donnell will be appearing on several of the tour’s stops, including New York and Dallas. I heard her pal Donald Trump isn’t doing any more seasons of ‘The Apprentice.’
She should take it on. She should have her own “The Apprentice.” That would be hot. That would be the cutest thing, like the battle of the gay assistants.

Speaking of news, what was the Cho household like when you learned of Jerry Falwell’s death? Wailing and sitting on boxes?

Margaret Cho’s comic genius.
Oh, we were so upset! I’m pretty sure it was drugs. He has just been on a downward spiral for a long time. I don’t know, it’s just typical. But he was definitely what he should have been. He was with the right job. He was a very successful person.

It’s been a tragic few months. I read your blog post on the Virginia Tech shootings. Not a good day to share the name Cho, was it?

It’s such a weird thing because one of my concert films, The Notorious C.H.O., was on TV a couple of days after the tech thing and people complained, ‘oh it’s your show’ [that was partially responsible]. Why would my show have any bearing? Why am I being penalized for that?
I hate to say it but I don’t think he was a Margaret Cho fan, anyway.

No, and if he was I think he would have been a lot happier and he wouldn’t have killed anybody.
Now that it’s been over a month since the shootings, what’s your take on it?

I think it’s an interesting phenomenon that they paid so much attention to the fact he was from South Korea. His ethnicity somehow became a huge identifying mark, and when you’re a minority in this country your welcome is really conditional and it’s based on your good behavior. That doesn’t only hold for ethnic minorities but for gays and lesbians and for everybody who’s different.

In other news, New York gay marriage might actually happen. Is your money on it happening or not happening?

That’s very exciting. I think it should happen, I think it better happen. Why not? It’s crazy. People need to just fucking relax about gay marriage, it’s so ridiculous.

I so don’t want it to be used as a political issue during the 2008 presidential election.
I know, but it’s going to be used. It’s always used and it’s always an issue. It’s something that people are going to use as leverage and that’s important because it’s real, it’s a real need. It should just be legal, it should just be a right. It’s a weird thing.

You have almost 49,000 friends on your MySpace page. Do you have any criteria for the folks you let become your MySpace friends? Like do you make sure they’re not scary or if they’re hot they become one of your ‘top friends’?

No. I’m really slutty when it comes to MySpace, I’ll be friends with everybody.
Perez Hilton says on his blog that Kevin Spacey is slowing inching out of the closet. How do you feel about that?

That’s cute! How is he inching out?

He told Gotham magazine, “I’m living my life how I choose, in no way am I hiding or am I terrified. I’m having the time of my life living my life.”

Good! What if he was straight, though? Wouldn’t that be wild? It’s like Olivia Newton John. For years everybody was talking about how she was a lesbian, and then I met her and she was so hetero. It was the headband she wore all through the 80s that made people think she liked women.

It’s not like she played tennis, though.

No, but she did sort of have the wristband and white tennis outfit in the ‘Physical’ video. She did kind of have that minty lesbian quality.

What about Sanjaya — from ‘American Idol?’

I love him. I just met him and when our eyes met he came over and he embraced me. I just fell into his arms! He looks like Linda Evangalista. Like Christy Turlington. He’s like supermodel beautiful baby boy. He has star quality. I was at this big Hollywood event and everyone was there but people were most excited about Sanjaya and I think that means he’s a star.
How gay is Sanjaya?

Oh, you can’t even say. It’s like beyond. He’s like a new kind of gay, the ultimate trophy gay. All the fag hags are fighting over him in L.A. We’re all like fighting, fighting, fighting.
So you’ve been directing a lot lately.

Yes. I have a short film coming out probably next year called ‘Two Sisters’ and it’s about belly dancing and it’s with Yunjin Kim [from ‘Lost’] and Kal Penn, Tamlyn Tomita and Kathy Najimy. And I have another movie on DVD in August called ‘Bam Bam & Celeste,’ which is a fag and fag hag love story, sort of like the love story of Sanjaya and I.

You also play your equally famous mother in the film, which is hysterical. Has anyone ever asked you to do a Momma Cho sitcom or something?

No, but I would love to do that. I am dying to do that. What I would like to do is like a crime picture with her. Like a “Momma’s Mysteries,” “Ellery Queen” where she’s discovering what’s going on. Like “Murder She Wrote.” Maybe they think I have something against doing that but I think that would be great. “Mama’s Family” was a funny-assed show.
What is your true color?

I think it’s kind of a shocking pink. It’s really a magenta hot pink.

info: www.margaretcho.com

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