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Choosing the right parrot for you

by Alex Cameron

There are as many as 360 different species of parrots in existence today.
Birds are among the most common animals that people have as pets. They are quite easy to care for and fun to have around. Among the countless birds in existence, parrots are perhaps one of the most loved. Did you know that there are 360 known species of parrots today? If you are considering purchasing a parrot for a pet, you should know some things about them in order to choose the right kind.

Though parrots may be relatively easy to take care of, you still have to know the amount of commitment that you would need for a specific type of bird in order to choose one that would suit your lifestyle. In general, larger parrots require more attention. As such, if you work at home or your work hours allow you to spend more time at home, then you might want to get larger parrots such as macaws.

If your lifestyle is such that you need to spend long hours away from home, then you should lean towards the smaller parrots. They are more independent and can be left alone for longer periods. Of course, you wouldn’t want your parrot to be lonely when you are away so you might want to consider getting a buddy for your smaller parrot.

If you do decide to get two or more small parrots, you have to be able to train them to like each other. Otherwise, you may have to get separate cages for them, defeating the purpose. If you insist on leaving them together in the same cage when they don’t like each other, you would probably find bird fights and feathers all over the place.

Aside from the amount of time that you have to invest on your parrot, you also have to consider the finances involved. Birds in general are not expensive to take care of. However, there is still a marked difference between feeding larger parrots and smaller parrots. In addition to that, larger birds also produce more bodily waste and would require you to spend more time cleaning up the cages and making sure they have fresh food and water.

The purchase price of different kinds of parrots varies from pet shop to breeder and according to your location. The more exotic the species is, the more expensive the bird would be.
When picking the bird that’s right for you, commit yourself to extensive research on the breed you’re considering to make sure both you and your avian friend are compatible.

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