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Ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day without a significant other
Single on Valentine’s Day?
Take yourself out on a date!

Every year around this time it seems the world goes crazy with messages of love and advice on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you’re in a relationship all this hype can be fun and romantic, but what if you don’t have a significant other with whom to celebrate Valentine’s Day?
All these messages of romance can be grueling whether you’re an adult or a teenager. That’s why the folks at heyugly.org, a non-profit organization focused on helping teens build self-esteem, are offering some suggestions on how to celebrate the day if you don’t have a date or a spouse.

By the way, don’t get offended, UGLY is an acronym for “Unique Gifted Lovable You.”
Here are eight things you can do without a significant other this Valentine’s Day, according to the Hey UGLY team:

• Celebrate yourself. Make a list of all of the wonderful, unique qualities you bring to the world. Note all of the things that you like about yourself and create a Valentines card that you can give yourself.

• Buy yourself a gift. If you’ve been putting off getting that new CD, DVD or video game, now is the time to buy it and give it to someone who really deserves it — you! Take yourself out on a date. Go to a movie, hit the mall or treat yourself to a special dinner. Show yourself how much you value you.

• Have a party. Friends are one of life’s greatest gifts. Let your friends know how much you appreciate them. Invite everyone over and have them each bring a favorite food to share with the group.

• Volunteer. Go to a local hospital, nursing home or animal shelter and bring some joy into someone’s life. Reach out to help others and enjoy the gift of giving to others.

• See your inner beauty. Go to the local library or bookstore and read a couple of good books that will nourish your soul. We are all culturally trained to worry about what our outside looks like — when real beauty radiates from within.

• Put a smile on your face and laugh. If you are feeling sad make yourself laugh. Recent research shows that laughing for 10 minutes non-stop can aid in weight loss, stress reduction and heart health. Academy Award-winning actress Goldie Hawn says everyone should laugh at least once a day, because it provides emotional and physical benefits.

• Take care of your heart. Since this is the holiday of hearts why not be good to yours and exercise it. Go to the gym, take an hour jog, shoot some hoops. Get moving and let nature’s natural mood elevator — endorphins — kick in and raise your spirit!

For information to help teens counter such challenges as eating disorders, bullying, violence, substance abuse and suicide, visit www.heyugly.org on the internet.
— SPM Wire

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