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To swing or not to swing
Adding another individual or couple to the mix can be fun for strong relationships

by Julia Tanner

What makes swinging different from cheating is that the two of you have decided to share this experience together.
With the rising numbers of failed relationships in today’s society, an outside observer of swinging might think that it helps to cause marriage crises. This is certainly not the case. Swinging, through numerous individual interviews and case studies, has been shown to help strong marriages become even stronger.

Strength in numbers?
When you talk to an experienced swinger, you will find that they didn’t want to try swinging for the sex, but for the experience. Their relationships may have been plenty strong going into the whole adventure, but one or both of the partners just wanted a little something different and new. They didn’t love each other any less, but rather, they wanted to add another dimension to their relationship. And by making the decision together, they created a way to communicate with each other more openly and honestly, leading to overall better communication skills (outside sexual matters).

Why swinging isn’t cheating
One of the main concerns that couples struggle with is their mindset of thinking that swinging is cheating on their partner in some way. And this can be a deterrent for a while to act upon this fantasy. What makes swinging different from cheating is that the two of you have decided to share this experience together. There’s nothing secretive about being with this other person. You know exactly what your partner is doing and you’ve talked about why. You’re hoping to share this new adventure with your partner together. And this is why being open will make swinging even better for the both of you.

Saving a weak relationship
A counselor is the best way to save a weak marriage, not swinging. If you are having insecurities about your relationship, or just aren’t communicating as well, swinging is not a good fix. Swinging is best experienced by a couple that is able to talk to each other and share with each other. And if problems should come up in the swinging process, then the couple must be able to work through them. And weak relationships are usually a sign of not being able to talk through certain issues.

Don’t complicate your relationship more. Work things out with each other before you add swinging to the already volatile mix. Swinging can provide just the ‘kick’ that your strong marriage needs, but it will not solve problems that are already present. If you’re able to work through issues as a couple and just want to experience more in the area of sex and fantasy, then swinging could be the answer to your dreams.

There are plenty of places to research swinging. Bookstores carry books on swinging and your local sex shops can direct you to local connections. Online swinging dating sites and other information sites can also answer any questions that you might have.
Start the open and frank discussions now to enjoy swinging in every way that you can. Doing the research together may also lead to some fun on your own.

About the author
Julia Tanner has written a swingers minicourse that is available25 absolutely free at www.swingersvillage.net

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