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Charlotte Non-Discrimination Ordinances – QNotes

Council revisits non-discrimination ordinance

Hopes increase with push of newly-elected mayor

After failing to pass a non-discrimination ordinance in March of last year, Charlotte remains one of the largest cities in the country not to have full LGBT protections in place for its citizens. That may soon change.

Year in Review 2015: The Carolinas — Looking back

News spans diverse landscape

Five members of an anti-LGBT church in Springdale, N.C., The Word of Faith Fellowship, were indicted on felony charges stemming from a young gay man being kidnapped and abused by them because of his sexual orientation. The grand jury released the indictments on Dec. 9, 2014.

Charlotte Motor Speedway, other large sports venues clarify transgender inclusion for restrooms

Local transgender activist receives affirming responses from Speedway, Panthers' Bank of America Stadium and Knights' BB&T Ballpark

Transgender NASCAR, football and baseball fans can now feel a tad bit safer the next time they head out to old ball game or race-car track, after attempts by a local transgender activist to get large local sports venues to clarify their policies or practices on access to restrooms.

Taking stock of accomplishments and good news

Editor's Note

There’s been gnashing of teeth. Fingers pointed. Accusations made. Debate on what should or should not have happened when Charlotte City Council voted on LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinances has been a hot topic for the past few weeks, ever since the proposals’ rejection on March 2.

TalkBack 04.10.15


Readers respond to the death of Black Brockington, the non-discrimination ordinance and religious freedom issues.

QPoll: Funny or no? Observer limericks contest draws entries on debate over transgender inclusion

Chime in: Do you think the limericks are satirical and funny or offensive and dismissive?

Humor, like beauty, might well be in the eye of the beholder. And the entries in the Charlotte Observer’s 20th limericks reader contest might well provoke a laugh or scorn, especially on entries focusing in on recent debates on an LGBT non-discrimination ordinance rejected by City Council on March 2.