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Discrimination alleged at CPCC – QNotes

Cape Fear school adds gender-neutral restrooms

Cape Fear adds 12, Charlotte's CPCC has 8

Cape Fear Community College has announced it’s added 12 new gender-neutral restrooms to its campuses in an effort, they said, to conform to new anti-discrimination measures.

CPCC says it will provide trainings, meet with LGBT groups

Campus advocacy group pushes petition for policy changes, apology following claims of discrimination

Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC), which came under scrutiny and protest last week for allegations of discrimination and harassment on their campus, says they have begun reaching out to LGBT groups and will hold trainings for campus security staff.

CPCC Twitter account melts down in confrontational tweets

College continues to issue false and misleading public statements regarding student who alleges discrimination

On the heels of a campus protest Friday, Central Piedmont Community College’s official Twitter account melted down in a series of confrontational, false and misleading tweets late Friday night.

Protest targets CPCC policies, treatment of transgender student

Student: 'I feel unequal, mistreated, inadequate, segregated and bullied'

Several dozen students and community members gathered early Friday afternoon to protest alleged discrimination at Central Piedmont Community College. Students, many of whom attend CPCC and other local schools, are calling on the college to apologize to a transgender student who says she was mistreated and harassed at the school.

CPCC is following law, college says in updated statement

Updated statement comes mere hours after first formal statement Thursday

Following their first formal, written statement today responding to claims of discrimination and harassment on their campus, Central Piedmont Community College has clarified and updated its statement. The college says its policies and procedures are in full compliance with the law.

Statement: CPCC is investigating, wants ‘amicable resolution’ with transgender student

Written statement says college is reviewing its policies, will seek 'on-going dialogue' with LGBT groups and leaders

Officials with Central Piedmont Community College released a statement today saying they are investigating an alleged incident of discrimination against a transgender student. The college, the statement reads, wants an “amicable resolution” with the student and is also examining its policies and procedures.