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LGBT Community Center of Charlotte – QNotes

LGBT center, other orgs navigate challenging year

InFocus: Non-Profits — Center moving forward with re-prioritized goals

Leaders with the LGBT Community Center of Charlotte and other local organizations have faced a challenging year — staring down controversy, financial woes, compliance issues and more.

Former Charlotte LGBT center chair issues apology letter

Former leader Ranzeno Frazier doesn't address false statements

The former chair of the LGBT Community Center of Charlotte has apologized for his misappropriation of organization funds in a letter delivered to center leaders and forwarded to the newspaper today.

Charlotte LGBT center operated at $42,000 deficit in 2013

Charlotte Lesbian & Gay Fund says center lacks 'long-term viability'

The latest federal tax filings released by the LGBT Community Center of Charlotte show it operated at a significant deficit last year, spending nearly all of its revenue on occupancy expenses alone. At the same time, the group’s single-largest remaining donor has said the center lacks “long-term viability.”

Former center chair’s expenses questioned, group says it might close after losing major grant

Former leader Ranzeno Frazier denies wrongdoing, but is repaying close to $600 in unapproved, undocumented expenses

Less than a month after being dismissed from the board, the former chair of the LGBT Community Center of Charlotte has come under scrutiny for several questionable expenses during his time in leadership. Additionally, the group’s new chair says the center might close following news today that it will not receive the remainder of funds from a conditional grant offered to them earlier this year.

Disagreements surface after LGBT center’s chair removed

Ranzeno Frazier removed as chair of LGBT Community Center of Charlotte as Judson Gee installed as interim chair; Gee says group is moving forward with strategic plan, former controversial leader welcomed onto committee

New leadership changes at Charlottte’s LGBT center this week prompted public questions Thursday afternoon over the process used to remove the organization’s now-former chair and install a new interim leader.

Charlotte LGBT center to drop lease at end of December

Center releases first floor of facility to local gym, which will pay center rent through December

The LGBT Community Center of Charlotte announced several developments and upcoming changes, including the drop of its current lease, in an update to members and supports on Tuesday.