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Print Edition 2013-11-22 – QNotes

Life, Positively 2013

World AIDS Day 2012 Special Section

qnotes is pleased to partner with Different Roads Home, Rosedale Infectious Diseases and PowerHouse Project in presenting this special section, “Life, Positively”, in recognition of World AIDS Day.

Advocates say education, awareness key to HIV prevention

Stigma, lack of advocacy contribute to continued HIV/AIDS epidemic

A’meir Pendarvis, a 22-year-old student, is gay and HIV-positive. Recently diagnosed, Pendarvis is also a core group member at The PowerHouse Project, a Charlotte outreach and educational initiative that is working to educate black and Latino men who have sex with men (MSM) about HIV prevention and treatment.

Statistically Speaking

World AIDS Day 2012 Special Section

Worldwide, more than 35 million people now live with HIV/AIDS — 3.3 million of them are under the age of 15.

Carolina HIV/AIDS Resources

North Carolina has a variety of community organizations, resources and services for those living with HIV/AIDS or those seeking to get involved in HIV/AIDS prevention, education and advocacy.

Different Roads Home fills a void

World AIDS Day 2012 Special Section

Founded just this past January, new local non-profit Different Roads Home is already making a difference in the lives of those with HIV and others battling cancer and children with chronic illnesses.

Rosedale Infectious Diseases offers attentive care

World AIDS Day 2012 Special Section

Founded in October 2006, Rosedale Infectious Diseases, a sponsor this year for “Life, Positively,” is one of the Charlotte area’s few private medical firms with staff working specifically to care for those living with HIV/AIDS.

Holiday Time: Gracious etiquette tips to survive holiday gatherings

Replacements, Ltd. etiquette coach provides expert tips

Whether you are hosting a fantastic holiday gathering or you’re the gracious guest, ask yourself this question: Are you comfortable with your knowledge of etiquette? Are you confident in your table manners or do you admit you take your cue by watching those around you?