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Print Edition 2021-03-05 – QNotes

A Call for Community Action

An Open Letter From the Charlotte Change Agents and Other LGBTQ Leaders

If there is one thing we have learned, it is that we must take care of each other. This has always been true for our LGBTQIA+ community. Our history is a stark reminder of caring for those that society deems “less than” during times of medical crisis. Every decision we make has a reverberating impact. If we don’t do the work for our community, nobody else will.

The Transparency Project

How Ugly Intolerance Inspired Beautiful Art

Transparency has come to mean much more than being able to see through an object. In the 21st century, when people hear or use the term, they’re often thinking about transparency within a social context. Behaviorally, transparency implies honesty, communication and accountability. However, following an interview with 29-year-old Greensboro resident Jordan Robinson, it became clear that there is an extended definition of the word.

Our People: Maks Gomez

Activist, Massage Therapist, Actor

Maks Gomez knew at an early age that something was not right. His body was assigned female at birth. He felt out of place and unhappy with the reflection in the mirror. It was in his early thirties when he was able to reckon with the fact that he was transgender.

Jean-Phillipe in Charlotte

The Gay South

Like many of you, I just watched the Netflix series “Emily in Paris.” The Darren Star created show, he of “Sex and the City fame,” has been met with the kind of cool disdain and online eye-rolling here in Paris usually reserved for Madonna, so I was curious if it really was that awful. I went in expecting nothing but the intellectual nutritional value equivalent of a bag of potato chips, but hoped that it tilted a bit more towards the artisanal kettle chip variety and less like a Pringles or Lay’s.

Celebrating 40 Years of Ministry in the Low Country

Spiritual Reflections

For those of us who follow Christian traditions, some of which are based on Jewish traditions, this time of year is referred to as “Lent.” It falls on the 40 days, not including Sundays, that are between Ash Wednesday, when we are reminded of our own mortality and limitations, and Easter Sunday. On Ash Wednesday, …

Thoroughly Modern: An Interview with Catherine Cohen


Over the years, poetry collections have come from some unexpected writers. Actors Ally Sheedy, James Franco, Amber Tamblyn, Viggo Mortensen and even Jimmy Stewart, as well as musicians Alicia Keys, Billy Corgan, Jill Scott and Jewel are just a few who have shared their words with us. Houston native and New York transplant, Catherine Cohen is the latest. An actress (“High Maintenance and The Lovebirds”), comedian and podcaster (“Seek Treatment”), Cohen’s debut poetry collection “God I Feel Modern Tonight: Poems from a Gal About Town” (Knopf, 2021) has just been released.

An Unrequited Love Tale

Tell Trinity

Dearest Trinity, I’ve been going after this guy for over a year now. Even though he’s friendly and sweet, he still won’t date me. I know I’m not his type but how can I get him to fall for me? Dream Chaser, Seattle, WA Dearest Dream Chaser, Life is too short to play a losing …