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Kramer, the n-word and the ‘queer’ community

Telling our stories

Sex, lies and the Republican Party

Telling our stories

Sex, lies and the Republican Party

Barack Obama is no great political hopeful for gays

Unintended consequences


Where are the gay adults?

Can the Triangle sustain an LGBT community center?

New variations on old themes

Church’s code keeps Jesus on the ‘down low’

In the aftermath of a Middle East war, a son broaches a tenuous ceasefire with his father

York responds to ‘dumb amendment’

World Pride: A pilgrimage with a purpose

“Real” marriage and unreal families

When hate speech becomes an accepted norm

Fear and loathing in the Upstate

Fairness for all

Using an old symbol to combat an old bigotry

Convenient memory loss

Anything less than equality is not reasonable

The politics of burgers & fries: Wendy’s vs. Equality

Saving Christ from the Christians

Truth! We have all heard these false statements;

Marriage Equality Week 2004: My story

A lesson from Canada

Articles of Faith: Religious right’s moral failures a result of repressive religion

Are there bigger lessons to be learned from ‘Brokeback Mountain?’

The power of one

Top 10 new year’s predictions for a pivotal 2006

Corporate America: the unlikely gay ally


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Dammit, Janet!
S.C. gender-variant teen killed
Community remembers 1990 hate crime victim
Plain talk about fancy mortgages
Buying real estate in 2008
Buyers and refinancers flock to interest rate bargains
Gay youth group creates PSA
Obama named ‘hypocrite of the week’
Neal and Hagan running neck-and-neck in race
Groups seek gay president appointee candidates

HRC Gala attracts 1,200 attendees
Bob Mould is out, loud, proud
Uncovering women’s history
Black church has the spirit

The need for transgender education

My apology to black women for Gay America and Charles Knipp

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