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Gay youth group creates PSA
Ad submitted to local radio stations for broadcast

by Will Billings . Contributing Writer
MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — Rainbow Beach, The Center Project’s LGBT youth support and social group, recently recorded a 60-second public service announcement for radio broadcast.
Six young people from Rainbow Beach auditioned and were selected to perform the script in front of a live audience of LGBT youth assembled in a makeshift recording studio set up inside The Center Project’s multi-purpose room.

In addition to the performance, the entire group was recorded as they talked amongst themselves about all the positive and fun things Rainbow Beach has to offer queer youth in Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas.

The PSA’s script pulls no punches. It doesn’t apologize or shy away from getting the message out to the public or from promoting the LGBT youth group to other young people. Beginning with the loudly asked question, “Are you gay?” the announcement is a lightening-paced, back and forth dialogue that immediately grabs the listener’s attention.

The PSA was written, recorded and produced by New York recording engineer Lance Williams, president of 10-34 Studios — which recently opened a branch near Clemson, S.C. It will be sent to all local and regional radio stations.

Aware that the recording could encounter prejudice from station managers, Williams took extra care that it met the highest industry standards, professionally mixing and mastering the finished product and having it run precisely within the 60-second time frame.

“If it gets turned down for airplay it won’t be because of the professional quality of the recording. Recording wise, it is perfect,” said Williams, who is hopeful that the Rainbow Beach PSA will be used on commercial and public radio stations.

“I am very proud of my kids and the great job they did working on this,” said Gloria Williams, The Center Project’s youth programs director. “We hope that by recording this, it will help other LGBT kids in the area become aware that our group exists and that there is a place for them in Myrtle Beach.”

Rainbow Beach is currently putting together a television version using the vocals as a voiceover. The television version is being filmed and edited by Brian Hollow of Evil Doll Productions in Myrtle Beach in conjunction with Lance Williams. Rainbow Beach plans to submit the television PSA to local and cable stations in the Myrtle Beach and Pee Dee area.
An internet search returned very few results for other television or radio ads directed toward LGBT youth in the U.S. “It’s entirely possible that we might have made one of the very first LGBT youth commercials in the Carolinas,” said Spaz Gladney, assistant youth director of Rainbow Beach.

Rainbow Beach meets at The Center Project on Saturdays and attracts up to two dozen participants from around the Myrtle Beach area, including occasional participation from youth in southeastern North Carolina.

info: For more information on Rainbow Beach or to hear their PSA, visit www.myspace.com/rainbowbeach.

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