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New website refutes the ‘ex-gay’ myth
Truth Wins Out launches important multimedia resource

compiled by Q-Notes staff

‘We believe this site will help people come out, keep families together and even save lives,’ said TWO Executive Director Wayne Besen.
NEW YORK, N.Y. — An innovative new website from the activist organization Truth Wins Out (TWO) will enhance the gay community’s ability to fight the myth of so-called “ex-gay” therapy and counter right-wing propaganda. The site will be highlighted by an extensive and unprecedented video catalog of ex-gay survivors and sexual orientation experts.

For years, the ex-gay industry has dominated the flow of information on “conversion” therapy. With the establishment of its multimedia site, launched March 26, TWO staffers feel the gay movement has gained the means to counter ex-gay lies and reach vulnerable people with messages of truth and hope.

“TruthWinsOut.org is a one-stop-shop for information on the ex-gay myth and an action center for those who want to fight back against this insidious industry,” said TWO Executive Director Wayne Besen. “We believe this site will help people come out, keep families together and even save lives. This is a great day for those who have long wanted to stop the spread of ex-gay misinformation and help people escape the ex-gay trap.”

Michael Airhart, who founded Ex-Gay Watch in 2002, is publishing daily on TWO’s blog, offering his insights and expertise on the ex-gay movement. Airhart formerly worked as senior business editor for McClatchy-Tribune news wires in Washington. In 2005, he became a director for a leading blog syndication company. He also co-founded Men Can Stop Rape in 1997.

“The ex-gay industry has declared war against GLBT people as it has become enmeshed with the far right,” said Airhart. “By joining with TruthWinsOut.org, I am answering a personal calling to defend individual liberties, religious freedom, constitutional rights, family unity — and sexual strugglers — against exploitation by divisive, intolerant and dishonest extremists.”

“This was a team effort and I thank everyone who has invested in TruthWinsOut.org and who labored intensively to create this beacon of illumination,” said Besen. “With continued support, we can build on this achievement and aggressively combat the predatory and well-funded ex-gay industry.”

Besen added that a major priority for TWO this year is videotaping the testimonials of lesbian and minority survivors of “ex-gay” therapy. He encouraged survivors to contact TWO to share their stories.

TWO is also seeking volunteers nationally to help counter “ex-gay” events in cities across the U.S. If you are interested in participating, contact them through the website.

info: www.truthwinsout.org

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