Out for Undergrad Tech Accepting Applications

The Out for Undergrad Tech (O4U) conference applications are open to LGBTQ undergraduate students who are aiming for a career in technology. Recommended for LGBTQ UNC Charlotte (UNCC) students, the conference itself will take place October 7-10, and will be conducted entirely online. The application deadline is June 2.

QnotesCarolinas Project

We believe that today’s LGBTQ communities in North and South Carolinas need a news outlet that celebrates their unique and diverse voices and lived experiences. QnotesCarolinas.org will provide a new online platform that amplifies these stories and creates a hub for online engagement that is community-sourced…

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TELL Trinity

I Love Him, I Love Him Not

A reader asks: For the past two months, I’ve been dating two men whom I really like. One is fun and exciting, the other quiet and charming. I can’t decide which one to keep! What do you think?

Rally at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center

The interconnectedness of these groups and issues has encouraged the intersectional approach that will be taken by the “Protect Charlotteans Now” rally. According to their Facebook page, the rally’s focal purpose is to ensure that people have equal access to employment, public accommodations and housing.

Emergency Community Relief Fundraiser

Equality NC, Charlotte Pride, the Campaign for Southern Equality and Transcend Charlotte have called upon the LGBTQ and allied community of North Carolina to match their donation to support black transgender women in need.

QNotes, April 30, 2021

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Annual AIDS WALK Charlotte Goes Virtual Again

On the 25th anniversary of AIDS WALK Charlotte, participation will be safe, livestreamed, and encouraged. Dubbed “Step Up, Step Out,” the walk will take place on May 1. The fundraising goal of 2021 is $150,000 to provide assistance for those with HIV or at risk of contracting it.

The Epidemic of Violence Against Transgender People

We may be rounding the corner on the pandemic, but our most vulnerable community members remain under active threat. With Republican legislators targeting us in the halls of power and our transgender community increasingly unsafe in public, we all need to come together and protect those who need it most.

The Impacts of Gentrification

All Charlotte-based realtors can agree that 2021 is truly a seller’s market. We’ve reached out to three LGTBQ realty agents based in North Carolina, who have offered their thoughts on affordable housing, the rise of young realtors, gentrification, buyer/seller interactions and the impact of market evolution on minority communities.

Carolinas News Notes

Legal eagles

What is Yours is Mine

One important way in which couples plan for the future is by preparing an estate plan. Whether married couples have kids or not, there is a great deal of planning that goes into deciding how you will support your spouse if anything should happen to you or vice versa.

affordable housing

COVID-19 Stimulus Relief Act

On March 6, the U.S. Senate passed the “American Rescue Plan Act of 2021” to provide additional relief to Americans from the ongoing impact of COVID-19. You’re surely aware of the bill’s best-known provision: the additional stimulus payments of $1,400 made directly to qualifying individuals.

our people

Our People: J. Michael Haithcock

Real estate stager J. Michael Haithock’s family moved to Charlotte when he was just 14. He’s been a Charlotte resident ever since. Five years ago he and his husband Francisco sold their south side home for a 1967 brick ranch in East Charlotte.

nc equality

NC policy watch


Excitable Boy

“JORDY, the latest in the long tradition of mono-monikered performers in the music world — from Cher to Madonna to Beyoncé — gets up close and personal with listeners on his viral TikTok hit single “Long Distance.” The song, about the challenges of falling for a guy who lives far away, is the runaway song of the season.