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TELL Trinity

Can an Ex Cheat on You if You’re Not Dating?

A reader asks: I was with this girl for two months until I found out she was telling people she was single. Now I found out that she’s in a three-way with two other women. Isn’t that cheating? And do we have a chance of getting back together? I still love her!

Pride and Juneteenth

Each year in June, the idea of freedom shines, however, as we celebrate two monumental moments in American history with Pride and Juneteenth events. While the two honor different fights for freedom, they both share a common purpose of cultural visibility and equality.

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QNotes, June 11, 2021

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Legal eagles

Cleaning Up Your Criminal Record

North Carolina has several expunction statutes that allow folks to erase things from their criminal record. Thanks to efforts by coalitions like the N.C. Second Chance Alliance (ncsecondchance.org), our expunction laws continue to expand to provide relief for more people.

affordable housing

Fighting Gentrification

Stories of Houston’s Third Ward and Charlotte’s Historic West End read nearly identical. Rapid development and gentrification are common in nearly every conversation about the historically Black neighborhoods. 

our people

Our People: Jacob Hamm

If you do an internet search for Jacob Hamm, you’ll most likely immediately learn that he’s the founder and CEO of a company called ProHealthDesk, but there’s so much more to Hamm.

nc equality

NC policy watch


When the Stars Align

Pianist Sam (Firth) and author Tusker (Stanley Tucci) are a married gay couple who have been together for many years. Their communication consists of playful banter, sweet bickering and loving admiration. The pair, who live in Sam’s native England, are on a road trip in their caravan with their dog Ruby.