Howdy folks, and welcome back to my column where we chit-chat about pageants and the queens who do them.

I did want to start with a little oversight from the last time, like I always do! Seems I always forget something. When I was at the Miss NC U.S.ofA. pageant several weeks ago, I forgot to mention that in the presentation of titleholders, I left out Aiesha Paris, who is the reigning Miss East Coast U.S.ofA. She will be making the trip to national competition in just days after this comes out. Now, that’s a good young’un and I just wanted to say I’m sorry for leaving her out. Miss Della’s getting older, sugar, and forgetful, it seems.

I mentioned making that trip with Miss NC America, Emery Starr (the Divine Miss Em). She has joined Queen City Burlesque, belonging to a cast of all-female dancers. Let me know when the first show is, sis! Queens qualifying to the Miss NC America pageant include Miss Piedmont Starla DaVinci and runner-up Jennifer O’Connor; Miss Metrolina Nina Fierra and RU Jade Paris; Mecklenburg County Brittany O’Brian and RU Carmen Banks; and Miss Central Tara Storm and RU Carmendy Starr.

Recent prelim placements to Miss Gay America include Miss Maryland Chi Chi Ray Colby and RU Araya Sparxx and Miss Missouri Madison Elise and RU Tajma Stetson.

Prelim winners to Miss NC EOY include Miss Bat$#!t Jayda Colby and RU Onyx Jade Addams; Miss Triad Star Dea Nyx Chanel; Miss Randolph County Daniella Delicious Dust; Miss Greensboro Kimora de la Diva; and RU Cheshire Reval Dust.

Seems like it’s all about the touring contestants from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” here recently. First it was Stacey Layne Matthews at Scorpio, then the big shindig in Asheville, then Alexis Mateo came to Scorpio and went home much wealthier. Now, Alexis and Yara Sofia are coming to the Hideaway in Rock Thrill and Shangela and Shannel are coming to Scorpio with plans for a big surprise in July. Get ready, hunny!

On the national scene, we have results from three pageants and I know I’m missing a few more!

Congrats are going out to Dena Cass who won the All-American Goddess At-Large contest back in March. She won Talent on final night, tied for Interview with Alexis Nicole Whitney, tied for Creative Costume with Lady Jetta, and won Onstage Response/Q & A. Alexis won gown. The finalists included Victoria Taylor, Kandi Barr, Armani Nicole Davenport, Monica Van Pelt, Addison Taylor, 4th RU Envy Van Michaels, 3rd RU Lady Jetta, 2nd RU Ginger Ale and 1st RU Alexis Nicole Whitney. Dena will make an appearance later in the year here in NC when she comes to Mike Rhinehart’s NC All-American Goddess prelims in early to mid-December. More details coming fast!

On the Continental scene, we have a new Miss PLUS and a new Miss Elite! Finalists for Miss PLUS included Chy’enne Valentino, Christian Valentino, Kara Belle, Noel Leon, Alexis Zadora, Terri D’Mour, Desarae Pendavis, 2nd RU Ginger Minge, 1st RU (whom I hear was her best ever) Ivy White (our reigning Miss Scorpio) and winner, Miss Chelsea Pearl on the evening of her birthday! I heard Sister Girl had come out for crowning in a gown of a winner. Period. Congrats are due to the one giving up her title, Roxxy Andrews, who just makes me sick — a fierce ‘boy queen’ who is one of the best make-up artists in the industry. She didn’t get that last name for nothin’, baby.

The next night was the finals for Miss Elite. Electra, a former Charlotte resident, was relinquishing her title. Finalists included Ginger Valdez, Sonya Ross, Jodie Santana, Viva Divine, Chanel Exotique, 2nd RU The Legendary Misty Knight (who did a gorgeous Talent from what I’m told), 1st RU Ashley Kruiz and winner Daesha Richards.

Next time, we’ll have tea from Miss U.S.ofA. and Miss U.S.ofA. Classic. Best wishes to all of our girls from the area competing, including Jessica Raye, who recently won Miss North Classic, Miss NC Dy’Mond Cartier and her RU London Dior, Miss East Coast Aiesha Paris and her RU Jessica Raynes Starr. : :

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