In their latest email newsletter to supporters Faith in America Executive Director Brent Childers takes aim at the “good luck with that” sentiment so often directed toward activists engaging faith communities on issues of sexuality and LGBT equality. Read Childers’ comments below, or read the group’s full newsletter here.

Engaging Pulpits – It’s Religion-based Bigotry’s Ground Zero and We Need You There

A word of caution if after reading the subject line you’re thinking “good luck with that.”

We’ve been told that before. We were told our question about religion-based bigotry would not have a chance of getting asked before millions of Americans at the first-ever YouTube/CNN presidential primary debate. Not only did it get asked, it was rated the best question of the night.

We were told there was no way we could get a meeting with Civil Rights Icon Mildred Loving. Not only did we meet with her in her home, we obtained a marriage equality statement that drew a parallel between the religion-based bigotry she once faced and that which is faced by LGBT people today. Most recently, we were told it was a waste of energy to expect to have any meaningful dialogue with the  Southern Baptist Convention. Instead, we sat in Phoenix, Ariz. a couple weeks ago with other LGBT advocates and explained to the SBC president the harm that is caused by religion-based bigotry.

In fact, we were told six years ago when we began that you can’t challenge misguided religious belief and win. We knew different and so did Mildred Loving. And we think you will agree that  effectively engaging one of the greatest perpetrators of stigma and hostility  can have an immediate and positive impact on LGBT youth and families, So join us at religion-based bigotry’s ground zero and become personally involved in helping change the course of  hostility and discrimination toward our community.

Brent Childers. executive director


Matt Comer

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.