Louis J. Marinelli, a former staffer for the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage (NOM), was almost entirely responsible for the anti-gay marriage bus tour NOM took across the country last year. But, after the tour was over, Marinelli had a change of heart.

Now, he supports full civil marriage equality regardless of sexual orientation and has started the National Organization for Marriage Equality (NOME). His new group will embark on a new bus tour this summer aimed to correct the misinformation spread about by NOM’s 2010 tour. Stops will include many of the same places NOM visit in 2010, including Raleigh on Aug. 31. Last August’s NOM event in Raleigh drew more pro-gay counter-protesters than anti-gay amendment proponents.

Read more about Marinelli and his new group: wearenome.org/summer-equality-tour/